Pennsylvania Kennel Inspection Database Online

A new online database of kennel inspection records is part of an initiative to track and regulate commercial dog breeders.

Posted: May 15, 2007, 5 a.m. EST

As part of an initiative to improve conditions for dogs and allow the public to keep a closer eye on commercial breeders, the state of Pennsylvania has begun putting inspection records of its 2,600 licensed dog kennels online.

The new online database, at, is part of an extensive plan by Gov. Edward G. Rendell to track and regulate commercial dog breeders.

In 2006, Governor Rendell proposed sweeping changes to the state's dog law and related state regulations that are designed to improve the conditions under which dogs are bred and sold in Pennsylvania.

The Governor also appointed a special deputy secretary in charge of dog law, a special prosecutor for dog law cases and an enforcement team focused on investigation and law enforcement in kennels.

“This new access to kennel inspection records will help consumers know the conditions of kennels – where they might purchase a dog or board their dog while they travel – so they can make better decisions about the welfare of their pets,” Rendell said.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has invested in technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of dog kennel inspections. The new inspection and data management tool allows the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement to better analyze the data collected than the outdated paper and electronic records used previously.

“We’re bringing today’s technology to dog kennel inspections and record keeping,” state Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff said.

Dog wardens can now use tablet PCs to conduct their inspections, which gives them immediate access to records and information relating to the kennels.  The new technology also allows dog wardens to immediately file inspections using wireless internet connections.

The inspection records are electronically updated in the kennel inspection database, which the public can now access at


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JOY   Worcester, MA

3/25/2011 5:18:51 AM

Can't get there from here!!

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Frustrated   Atlanta, GA

8/17/2010 1:41:15 PM

August 17, 2010 and the link still doesn't

What gives??

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p davis   bear, DE

5/29/2010 6:53:26 AM

These links still are not functional.... 5/29/10

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Connie   Lancaster, WA

1/12/2010 8:45:33 AM

Isn't it time the links are made
Pa Dept of Ag, Bureau of Dog Law website improvements have nothing to offer but frustration!

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