National Pet Week Begins Sunday

Beginning Sunday, May 6, National Pet Week hopes to promote responsible dog ownership and care.

Posted: May 5, 2007, 5 a.m. EST

National Pet Week is May 6 to 12 this year, a time during which people all over the U.S. will celebrate the bond between animals and humans. The goal of the event is to promote responsible pet ownership and care.

For many dog owners, it’s a chance to learn more about taking proper care of their furry friends. It also gives owners an opportunity to explore and develop their children’s interactions with dogs.

“Pet ownership is a great experience for children. However, parents need to teach a child what to do and then supervise to ensure the pet gets good care,” said Ron Faoro, DVM, president of the California Veterinary Medical Association.

“That includes instruction on feeding, grooming, cleaning the pet’s living area and bringing [him] to a veterinarian when sick or suffering from a physical injury,” Faoro said.

A big part of the dog experience for children includes teaching them the pluses and minuses of taking responsibility for an animal and learning to manage those times when a dog misbehaves or shows an annoying behavior.

“Treating pets like family members adds to a child’s understanding of the responsibility of pet ownership. Just as a family member needs regular check-ups with a doctor, a pet needs routine veterinary visits and vaccinations,” said Faoro.

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