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Jerrod   Lafayette, CO

1/10/2011 5:11:00 AM

I love when people think its cruel that I can kennel my dogs for naps or at the end of the night.

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Kim   South Bend, IN

10/31/2010 7:25:37 PM

Good advice.

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DEB   Livonia, LA

8/8/2010 7:22:04 PM

I always thought it was mean. But I have learned that it really gives them their own space. My pups are more secure now.

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Greta   Lockport, LA

7/11/2010 6:46:22 AM

I totaly agree. on all of the topic on crates. It also help them train thier bladder for house training. I would do that some days when I needed to do house work. I set my dogs on a schedule. Problem is training the kids on the same sceduel. Now my kids are trainned with thier animals. I am glad I was able to help them with that.

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Crystal   queen creek, AZ

6/11/2010 8:26:54 AM

What about because they are den animals. They like dens just like bears do!


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Barbara   Ventura, CA

5/22/2010 8:53:33 PM

I have owned 12 dogs including the two I have at the present time. I learned to crate train when I adopted a St. Bernard mix. He was 12 lbs. at 6 weeks and was chewing everything in sight. A friend recommended the crate. I purchased a huge one, knowing he was going to be a large animal when fully grown. It turned out to be the best thing I've ever done for my dogs. I would never train another dog without a crate. This method not only protects one's things from ruination, but protects the dog from chewing or eating something that could harm him. Just be sure you purchase a crate large enough for your dog to stand up and move around. My dogs have the "run of the house", but there are times when even an adult dog needs to go into his crate. Mine go in on their own and one of them sleeps in his at night. I've tried training without and with the crate and the latter is a much better choice for my precious pets!

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Brezzy   Burlington, NC

5/8/2010 11:59:30 AM

i have a 12 week old yorkie a man name Gucci i cant get him crate train. He does everything he can in the crate. Can someone help me with any ideal. email me at

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Mary   Graniteville, SC

4/22/2010 3:09:02 AM

I use the crate training information from site to housebreak. Ty it really helped.

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Judy   LaGrange, IN

4/21/2010 5:41:13 PM

I started using crates years ago when breeding Yorkies. I found my dogs were more content and better behaved after I began crate training. It made a believer out of me.

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craig   scotland, SC

11/5/2009 12:54:55 PM

i like using crates information on site is helpful thank you


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Jess   Rawlins, WY

10/8/2009 2:09:02 PM

I absoulty love crate training !!! I agree with Ty if you truly do love your dog CRATE TRAIN IS A MUST !!!!

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Erica   Tucson, AZ

6/23/2009 10:09:52 PM

I love crate training! We have had nothing but success with this method with our first dog. We never leave him in there for more than four hours.

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Patricia   Joplin, MO

5/6/2009 7:22:58 AM

I feel sorry for the animals being in a crate for 12 plus hours a day. I met many people who think thats ok. Why own an animal, if you dont want to take the time to train them properly. I have three dogs of my own my daughter has two all of them are inside dogs. Well behaved potty trained roaming the house.

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Ty   Asheville, NC

4/30/2009 8:55:12 AM

If everyone out there loves their pets, then this would be the first thing you would do for you and your dog.

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Crystal   Mililani, HI

4/25/2009 12:13:43 AM

this was a very helpful article

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Ron   Naperville, IL

3/18/2009 5:13:34 AM

We used crates for all four of our German Shepherds and wouldn't have it any other way. A crate provides the dog it's own "home" that they'll use one their own when they want to get away. The other reasons cited above (housebreaking, safe place for your dog while your're away etc) are enough reason alone.,

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Denise   Kailua Kona, HI

3/12/2009 5:39:12 PM

This is where my dogs go to feel safe from thunder, heavy winds and fireworks. I do not close the crate door. Safty First! Highly recommend!

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Monica   Sherman Oaks, CA

12/22/2008 1:48:23 PM

That was how our dogs were house broken.

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Marissa   San Dimas, CA

12/6/2008 3:30:20 PM

It really works!!!

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Mandy   Forest, OH

12/2/2008 6:27:01 PM

I love crates!It helps us while we are gone so that the dogs don't get into trouble.It can also help with a dog that wont leave you alone while you are
God Bless

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