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Byron   Brandon, FL

5/24/2010 7:12:44 PM

I am a proud owner of this breed and they make perfect pets. A good home and owner will always be the key to any breed,because I have seen some mean

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Tiffany   Virginia beach, VA

5/6/2010 5:36:11 AM

The pit bull is a loving dog that has changed alot. Some people still to this day see the breed as vicious therefore not even allowing you to have them in most rental apts or townhomes in VA. I just wish that someone would give my dog a chance first and if she messes up then ban her. She is the sweetest most playful dog ever. I hope that specifications such as them being a violent breed can change.

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Kody   Phoenix, AZ

5/5/2010 10:39:29 AM

I am glad to see the magezines putting out good information on the breeds. They are in my book the best dogs to have and some of those qualities that people say are bad have really benefitted my home. I wont go into too much detail, but I wouldnt say change the name because at this point if anyone still stereotypes in this day and age it shows how ignorant they are. Do some research and meet some of the breeds and I bet you fall in love like I have proved to skepticals before.

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Rinzou   Riverside, CA

2/28/2010 10:44:35 PM

I think using the term "bully breed" just helps perpetuate the negative stereotypes associated with these good but often ill-trained dogs. And who cares if any breed is recognized by anyone? I have 12 woderful mixed breeds that I've rescued all living at my home right now. Come see them:
I'm always looking for true animal and dog lovers who love dogs regardless of their showdog qualities or papers.

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Ralph   Louisville, KY

2/18/2010 10:18:21 AM

I think they are the best dogs to have. They are smart and if you train them to be a family dog they are the best.


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Greg   College park, MD

1/20/2010 7:28:25 PM

I have a American Bull dog, its my second one. My first one passed due to a liver illness. It took a while to get an other but I love my Bull dog. The articles in your mag has helped me not only to get an other bully but to help me train them as well. Thank you

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11/24/2009 6:05:05 PM

I am a owner of a half bully half staffordshire black and white dog. Not very familiar w/ anything about these breeds except for what I've read on line, can anyone give me any basic infomation on this mix if its good/bad how they are and possibly forward some pics. if anyone else out there has this mix(just want to see how others look) Thanks hope someone can leave some info. on this.

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Sharon   Phoenix, AZ

8/26/2009 11:08:06 AM

Education, education, education! I love articles like this that let you know what is what. There are so many ignorant people who buy a Bully Breed and have no idea what they're getting. Then when the dog is raised wrong they blame the dog. I like the term Bully Breed, it lets you know this is a dog with a strong personality that needs a strong owner to work with it, not just for intimidation.

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sadie   suffolk, NY

7/18/2009 10:53:12 AM

I like the maqgazine concept but the "Bully Breeds" title is what gives all these breeds a bad name. I feel for the public and others who are biased to these breeds this label we give them onkly makes it worse for the dog and the people who are trying to help them become more accepted in society. A magazine that utilizes this bad association as it's name is not one I would buy nor do I think it helps these breeds in any way.

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Lee   Wilson, NC

5/27/2009 2:47:56 PM

amen I also own one . it is a long story how i aquired her needless to say i am asshamed to say i was one of the people that was affraid of them.i should start by saying i love her so much and have been proved wrong. i have two other dogs one a german sheapard and a mix they all get along great.miss charger is her name only because my husband is a dodge man[dodge charger] my daughter found her at the dump as she was riding by needless to say the man at the dump was hitting her and my daughter put her in the car she came home and said i have something to show you when i saw the condition of this dog i new i had to do something.i had just adopted october my shepard from my local animal shelter and yes in october my birthday. i was affraid to take on another dog so soon and being a bully breed whould be a challange so i thought. charger had a one and a half inch cut wraped from under one armpit to the other god only knows what happened to her one can probably guess. i took her to the vet found out she was about 9 months old i had her fixed and all her shots etc. i would keep my other dogs apart from her at first while worrying what to do with her . i cried i ponderd what to do with all the bad stories you here i was affraid. worried to keep her worried what would happen to her if i let her go. i put off naming her . i then contacted a dog trainer we met the first day i was very nervous however i knew the first step was to get the dogs together and see what whould happen. it went over great. we slowly increased their time with each other crate training methods were also used. i would keep my options open still. would she go to pittbull rescue? what? by the first month of training i knew there was no option i loved her and i had dealt with many dogs in my life rescue etc. i had to make it work. on my next training session i told my dog trainer miss charger was ready she looked at me and smiled and said i knew you would keep her. this is just one of the stories of dogs i have helped.i learned a lot from this i was the one whith the problem it was never charger. i too fell prey to all the hype. now i speak out about these wounderful dogs it was faith that day she needed us but we need her more. these are truly great pets .they are very atheletic mine is great at ball /frisbee. please do not x them out give them a chance. remember if you where thrown in a ring and feared for your life you would fight too. what else can they do? punish the crime not the dog. any dog can be aggressive my husband has been bit twice by a dushhound. thank you for reading i know it was long but i wanted to tell my story.


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Iowa Bullie Advocates   Waterloo, IA

5/12/2009 7:10:07 PM

Donna, Amstaff's are noticably different than APBT's...if you know what you're looking for. Of course, being an owner of these dogs, we do, but the general public doesn not. I would challange you to take this quiz... http://www.pitbullsontheweb. com/petbull/findpit.html

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Donna   Manitowoc, WI

4/25/2009 8:40:41 AM

I own a amstaff and do believe them to be different from the pit bull. In all the books I have read on my baby they all say there is a noticalbe difference in there body structure such as height, weight and muscal mass. How can people still agree that they are the same? Yes, they come from the same gene pool but I believe they are very different dogs. Never will I agree that my Beau is a pit bull.(not that there is anything wrong with pits)

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Charen   Alvin, TX

3/24/2009 8:39:27 PM

I have an APBT hat is the poster child of the reed - sweet, loving, non aggressive and exceeding willing to please. The badname the breed gets relatess directly to the AH's who own them!! Raised properly, they are loving, loyal and gentle. raise basly even the small dogs are vicious!!

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don   allen PARK, MI

3/13/2009 5:51:34 AM

i hve an englshbulldog that has been band in the city of allen park michagen. all bully breeds have been band I LOVE MY DOG

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joyce   hammond, LA

1/28/2009 7:30:10 AM

i have a pit bull he is the best dog i ever had ,andhe isvery good with kids andheloves to run.

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Bobby   Methuen, MA

1/24/2009 2:34:11 PM

I've got an 1 1/2 year old American Bulldog. I would buy the Bullybreed magazine every month if it were published. The one issue I have helped a ton with raising him from a pup.

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Carol   Rifle, CO

11/25/2008 8:43:34 AM

I would like to know if there is an actual magazine called Bully Breed or if that was a "one time issue" of another titled magazine. Thanks

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Trevor   Fort wAYNE, IN

11/20/2008 11:52:53 AM

Love the magazine... we're still trying to figure out exactly what we've got. He's some sort of bully mix; he was found in a parking lot and we kept him. How can I send a picture in?

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paula   brooklyn, NY

9/8/2008 8:22:51 AM

I'd like to know more about the origin of the tiger striped pit bull.

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Violetta Madej   Toronto, Ontario (Canada), AL

7/14/2008 4:04:00 PM

Wonderful magazine..should be an actual issue..doesn't come out enough! I want to read more! Very positive towards the bully breeds, which is excellent. Great information on breeding, training, nutrition, myths, etc...GREAT GREAT GREAT!

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