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Bree   Dayton, OH

10/19/2010 9:26:58 AM

I have an almost year old Lab/Red Bone Coon hound mix. My boyfriend and i have tried to train him and we are having no luck. It seems like every time we try a technic it works for a while then he goes back to his old self. We just don't know what to do anymore. We have even tried a Shock collar as a last resort. and Ceaser's techniques are slowly failing to if any one knows a way of getting through to him please let us know!!!!! He have tried taking him to a dog park so he can play and even that is Not working he is Getting more Aggressive and we have stopped taking him there. We just need some help so if anyone can let me know please!!!!! my Email is Thank you so much

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Cindy   Greenfield, NH

7/26/2010 12:53:00 AM

I rescued a 5 month old puppy from TN. See is the most awesome puppy. Her name is Zetta!! She is a mix they thought shepard/lab mix? But she has hound in her. Folks mentioned ridgeback? Redbone coon hound? So I checked out both breeds:) I do not know which one. Well she is very friendly towards everyone but she really loves her four legged buddies and me. She looks like an old soul when she looks at you. She listens and pays attention to conversations. Example: She does open doors to let herself out or to get treats out of the closet. So I needed to use a rock to block the porch door so she could go out. I know that I mentioned it to friends but I did not think she heard me. Well she did, instead of quickly opening the porch door when I let her on the porch she laid down, checked under the door and saw the rock and triedd to me it!!! She also climbs on things. Oh and one thing she did. Zetta and I lost our 13 year old German Shepard Colt. She loved him darly. I went to woek that night, I let her sleep on the couch as always. Now I live in a raised ranch. I open my windows from the top because the dogs have stuck thier noses through the screens. I get home in the morning and Zetta greeted me all upset and shaking. I thought did she open doors? I was so upset because I could have lost my puppy. Well no doors open. I went into the livingroom to find screen on the floor. Zetta had moved a tray table over to the window, She climbed on another table and crossed over to the other table and climbed up and out the window. This is about a 13 or more drop. To say the least I just sat and held Zetta and cried and she shook. She really misses Colt and I. Now I close the crate at night and she is safe. I am adopting another dog and I know she will not feel alone when I am at work. Zetta is a really cool and smart dog!!!

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RT   Nashville, TN

3/24/2010 11:52:48 AM

I've had coonhounds since I was young and they are wonderful dogs. You really can't make them mad. They are so sweet and good natured. The other side to them though is that they are very energetic and need to have lots of exercise. While my Black and Tans have been fairly calm dogs, I currently own a 2 year old Redbone male who is more hyper than a Border Collie! He never voluntarily sits or lies down and is constant "GO" mode. Handful does not even begin to describe
Dog parks are good options for these dogs so they can run off their energy if you do not have a farm or a piece of big open land for them to run
They will truly close their ears when they don't want to hear you no matter how much obedience training you give them. They are stubborn but sweet and they are the best with children. Just be careful that in their exuberance they don't knock a very little one down. Some are calmer, some more hyper but all are great. They are my favorite
And Guy from Virginia..I might be up your way this fall. Because of a job change we will probably be moving to Maryland. Email me and maybe in the future, we can set up some coonhound play dates. :)

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Guy   McLean, VA

2/20/2010 6:11:34 PM

We are the proud parents of a rescued T.W. Coonhound. We renamed him, "Sully", after Laurence Washington's plantation in Northern Virginia. His "formal" name is Sully, Sic Semper Tyrannis, the motto of the of The Old Dominion. He is only about 15 months old, a bundle of ball lightning, taking constant trips to the dog park to burn off steam, and will begin basic training and obedience class as soon as all this snow goes away. He is pretty as a picture, and seems always to have a good whip of slobber to attend
All in all, he is exactly what we needed, and the feeling appears to be mutual. Right now, he has a bit of trouble hearing us call him to come when he is romping with his friends at the park. I am tempted to spritz a shot of raccoon urine on myself when I call him. Not. Does anyone know a source to find out if there are other owners of Walkers in the Northern, VA, Wash. DC area, who get together for lure coursing, fun days, etc. Sure like to connect with other owners for moral support and advice, for me and the dog. From Ole Virginny.

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Kathleen   Milford, NJ

2/4/2010 8:03:18 AM

My husband and I adopted a treeing walker coonhound and didnot know much about the breed initially. Believe me, she is a handful!! She requires a lot of exercise!! Jazzy is good natured, smart,loving, and we truly feel lucky to have her !!


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Chuck   Roanoke, TX

12/8/2009 7:26:02 AM

I have a red tick or English CoonHound and a redbone they are such a joy to be around Sam the Red Tick is all laid back and relaxed seems to understand everything I ask of him and Molly the Red Bone is the younger of the two and is always getting her nose where it does not belong. Molly has such a puppy face at 2 years old so cute and just melts my heart with her playful

I love them both and will alyawy want another, They are the kindest most loving dogs I have ever seen.

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kris   hanover, PA

11/30/2009 4:52:55 PM

i have a redbone and she is the 2nd most loving dog ive ever come in contact but she is rotten!! she escapes out of her kennel all the time but i cant stay mad when she takes off because of that cute little puppy dog face

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Sarah   Parma, OH

9/4/2009 7:55:52 AM

I love all dogs, but especialy coonhounds since my family got a treeing walker coonhound. He is very sweet, but also very stubborn.But coonhounds sure need a lot of exercise! He gets 3 walks a day and sometimes he goes for a run.When he smells something, he won't think of anything else than what he is smelling.

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Sara   Racine, WI

8/6/2009 11:51:08 AM

my dog is half coonhound and half boxer, her name is Monroe, she is brindle and 7months old. she loves food and loves to play, but we have a 3 year old and she tends to nip at her a lot and sometimes growls. it must be the boxer in her. shes a great cuddler and knows how to get attention. she still hasnt gotten the house training down quite yet... any tips? we tried crating her at night and when we were gone, but she howled all night and got out of her crate somehow when we were gone, and it would still be locked up when we got home. the cage has been destroyed. by her of course. haha. she wont sleep anywhere but my bed at night, and is very stubborn, she will scratch at my door until we let her in our room.

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Kerri   New Port Richey, FL

6/19/2009 12:27:27 PM

HAHA!! This is so true!! My black and tan is such a lover she just wants to be loved!! BUT boy is she a BRAT!!! If you tell her no, she "yells" at you!! She is VERY spoiled!! Thank goodness we have our pitbull to keep her busy or she would constantly be into something as we are not always home to entertain her, she is VERY tolerant and will allow you to do anything to her no matter who you are (we have 4 children so trust me it's ALL been done to her!!) I love the breed!! They are great family dogs but are VERY high maintance in the energy department... but with 4 kids and 2 other dogs and a cat there seems to be plenty to entertain her for the most part!!! This is a breed I would recommend to be around children (you may want to supervise young children as they can get knocked over with love)also she helped my dog aggressive pitbull get over his aggression he now loves her and they are the best of friends!!!


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Bob   Mineral, VA

3/20/2009 10:22:02 AM

I have had four Blueticks now. Each one has been a gentle giant. I love to hear each one bawl. Each has their own distinct voice. They make the best family pet of any breed. So loving and
They are very smart and easy to train. I had one trained so that when I pointed my finger at him like a gun and said BANG, he would fall over and play
The only negative is the volume of their bawl. It is extreamly LOUD! Personnaly I like to hear it and live in an area that is rural so neighbors don't get
I only have the one now, who's full time job is to eat and sleep on the sofa. When his life is over, it will be another "tick" for us.

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Rachel   Boise, ID

1/4/2009 8:19:40 PM

We have a coonhound he is 1/2 walker 1/4 redbone and 1/4 blue tick. He is extremly smart! He is 3.5 months and knows how to SIT, LAYDOWN, STAY, JUMP, TALK ON COMMAND, WALK IN AND OUT OF MY LEGS, GET UP ON THE COUCH, OFF OF THE COUCH, JUMP OVER AND WALK ON SURFACES ON COMMAND, HE IS LEARNING TO ROLL OVER, AND HE KNOWS HOW TO SPIN AND SHAKE! I think they are the most perfect dogs ever we just love our TROOPER!!

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melissa marylin   milford, CT

12/29/2008 9:23:00 AM

My redtick coonhound needs to be crated when we're gone. She never makes a mess or acts up when we are home. She never jumps on people, only makes noise when playing with other dogs or if she trees a squirrel (she's a rescue, we don't hunt with her). She knows come, sit, belly, lay down, and paw. I hear that's good for a dog. She's 3 but knew nothing until we got her 6 months ago. I think they are good dogs but need extra love and encouragement. I don't think coonhounds used for hunting that get no love and attention don't naturally behave the way my dog does.

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Hazel   Great Falls, MT

8/5/2008 8:38:45 PM

You hit the nail right on the head,about what they do. Do Coonhounds have weak kidneys? Are they hard to housetrain?How do we get her to stop jumping up on people?

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Kayla   Morgan, UT

5/1/2008 3:53:04 PM

Everyone is always telling me that I treat my 2 year old black and tan like he is my child but this article really help me explain that to them and it made me feel less crazy:)

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BjB   Chatt, TN

1/6/2008 8:18:04 PM

How true you are and I miss my ole buddy too. Age and hips got to him. Long live the Coondog is my moto.

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