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Richard   Nampa, ID

3/23/2010 8:25:57 AM

We have a 12 year old pomp. He sits arournd and sorta coughs or wheezes. I sometimes think it's alergies and other time think it's just being nervous. It's worse at times. We've had him to the vet, with limited or no success. Any suggestions?

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mayra   atwater, CA

3/14/2010 9:42:01 PM

i have three dogs, my oldest is about five years old and has been weezing and coughing really rough for about 3 months and it goes away after a minute or two, so i wasn't really concerned. But lately, my other 1 year old dog and 4 year old dog have caught on the weezing and coughing and i'm starting to worry.

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JJ   Pottstown, PA

3/13/2010 12:40:14 PM

In this category or the vomiting category, there isn't any mention that these can also be a sign of a heart attack, separately or in combination when there have been no other signs. At least that is what I was told shortly after my pet died.

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jennifer   bloomington, IL

3/11/2010 5:20:33 AM

this helped assure me tremendously

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Kelly   North Platte, NE

3/7/2010 10:18:35 AM

I have a 3 month old boxer who is coughing and has sniffles, should I worry too much?


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Bonnie   Tigard, OR

1/27/2010 8:59:34 AM

Interesting....I have adopted a 5 yr old toy aussie. The only coughing she does is after she drinks water. She was slightly overweight when I got her but we are working on that. Any thoughts on her cough?

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fleeta hill   california, CA

10/31/2009 10:02:35 AM

not enough infor on each. my puppy has wheezing and coughing.

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gh   ny, NY

9/12/2009 10:28:30 PM

ok info

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Josie   Bend, OR

8/4/2009 11:25:31 PM

Yeah, my papillion( the runt, 5lb) has been having these wheezing attacks for a long time. It has been getting worse recently. Also recently when he had a blood test his liver values were very high. I'm planning on taking him to a vet soon

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Christine   Mt. Vernon, OH

7/16/2009 7:28:16 PM

very vague


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Jane   Flushing, NY

7/9/2009 9:51:47 PM

I found this website that could help you guys more with diagnoses. It's

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mike   minong, WI

5/21/2009 8:07:08 PM

Yea, my poodle after 15 long years has this wild super anoying cough. I love him to death, but i cant sleep. I took him to the vet ($100), she told me that more extensive tests need to be done, but she thinks its the heart at his age. she wanted close to $400 just to find out the problem. I have been feeding him well, well not well, but pork chops, steaks, almost anything i will treat myself to in addition to french fries, (he loves fries). but overall i believe that he will have to be put down. i must say, this is the hardest decision/thing i have to do so far in life, its like knowing you have to put a family member down. anyway, was just looking for answers on the internet, kinda a last resort thing, and felt like sharing what im going through here to anyone who wants to listen. thanx and good luck

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janet   bethlehem, PA

5/10/2009 5:09:13 AM

good article thanks

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Tammie   Sheridan, WY

4/26/2009 8:45:30 AM

My mom's cocker is 10 yrs old and has been having this dry hard cough for a few weeks now. She took him to the vet and they said it was heart failure and put him on some meds. The dog has not got better, so she took him back and the vet says oh his heart sounds clear on one side but not the other and the dog is still coughing. I think this vet is cracked...but that is my opinion. No relief for the dog at all, more exrays, more blood work, more tests and still nothing. $400 for the one visit and it is still going, any help would be great. I don't know what to tell her. Help please, and thank you in advance.

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John   Carmel, NY

3/8/2009 4:01:43 AM

I have a jap chin he is 10years young/He has started couging alot and hard even after he drinks water .I took him to the vet she took xrays lungs clear she took blood only thing is liver level alittle high she put him on Marin and clavamox 375 he has taken them now for a week no change.she has him on laysik now he takes emprimal 5mgs for his enlarge heart what can i do he wants to run and play and cant because he starts couging so bad! PLEASE HELP HE IS ALL I HAVE AND MY SON NOT MY DOG PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

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carole kenny   tw148sq, NS

2/23/2009 9:16:45 AM

useful reading

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Anne Verwiebe   Mayville, WI

2/6/2009 9:17:22 AM

I am responding to the post re: the 2 yr. old coughing/wheezing husky. I have an 8 yr. old husky with congestive heart failure and that is something he did to start in May. Get your baby could be serious.

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Jessica   Greenville, SC

1/15/2009 3:12:18 AM

I've got a 2 in a half year old Husky. He is a sweet extremly active dog, but in the last week or so he has been coughing and sneezing. At first i thought Kennal cough due to the sound of the cough and because he goes to the dog park alot. Then about three days or so ago, he started acting nervous, looking around and not eating inlessi called him over and put a few peices in his mouth first. He is still doing a little coughing and sneezing but it has slowed, now it's alot of nervousness, and seemingly he can't stay alone, but he has never acted like this before. I can't go to the vet inless I know that he must go as I don't have he money to just go to the vet if all he has is kennal cough, I know that Kennal cough isn't that bad as long as he doesn't get any secondary infections, but if it's something else then I will find a way to take him to the vet ASAP. But I need opinions, all my friends are saying is that I need to take him to the vet, even tho I told them, and they know, that I can't right now due to finances, of chorse if, like I said, it's an imergancy, I will get some money somehow, to take him and get him healthy again, I just need to know what to do about this, aside from a there anyway aside from the expensive vet visit?

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Kanani   Wailuku, HI

11/7/2008 7:38:44 PM

Please help!Please read Bully lovers


We are wondering if anyone may know what cause chronic wheezing in dogs or if anyone has had it with there

Heres the

Tequila is 4 1/2 months old, we got her on 9/9/08 from very trusted and recomended

About a month later she began to wheeze, in a few days it was so bad that it sounded almost like a person having a major asthmas attack (nothing like kennel cough, which most people assumed). Anyways, we took her to the vet, where after hours they thought it may be caused because her Tracheya (where the mouth and throat connects) was really swollen. They gave us some antibiotic and steriod meds and told us to call them if it didn't get better. Well it did for a moment and then began to act up

The DR.'s have ruled Asthmas as it is really uncommon for dogs especially, allergies, and

My husband wanted a second opinion so we took her to another vet yesterday (a month or so later since the last vet visit). The vet was really nice and advised us to send her XRAYS to a specialist for animal radiology. We are in the waiting she is on 2 new meds....and for some reason today won't eat so I'm having a hard time giving her meds. I have a vet appointment for tomorrow with her regular

Please if anyone knows anything....has any ideas....I could really use the

Note: When we let her run in the wheezing at


I don't know if this is wrong but please email me if anyone knows

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Kanani   Wailuku, HI

10/26/2008 9:26:23 AM

About a month after we got Tequila she began to wheezing like someone with Asthmas it was scary and at times I had to blow in her snout to help her breathe. We took her in to the vet for XRAYS and they said both her lungs and heart was in good condition, but they could see her Trachea swollen. They put her under to see if maybe something was stuck there or there was foreign body, but couldn't find nothing. After hours at the vet they sent me home with some steriod medication and anti biotic...they could'nt tell me the reason for the swelling or the cause. This really disappointed me because I'd like to ever avoid that happening again. The medicine seems to have worked as the breathing is better and the wheezing has almost gone. Has this happened to anyone before? Does anyone have an idea how this may have occured? This was the best Vet in Maui and I feel they had no clue what was going on just like I feel I have no clue what happened.

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