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craig   des moines, IA

1/4/2009 11:07:06 AM

i have a pit bull and i love her two death i would not trade her for anything in the world....... she is a loving and caring dog and i know what it is like with the laws and everything because they have takin my dog from me.... so if you do get a dog im going two tell you your best bet is two get the insurance i only pay 13 a month and it is worth it cause you can take them where ever you want and they can not do a thing about it.......

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courtney   salisbury, MD

12/27/2008 12:18:41 PM

i think owing a pit or any american pit bull terrier breed is like any other dog breed.. people train them to kill just like labradors are trained to retrieve n siberian huskies sre trained to pull sleds... what we make of our dogs is what they become. they follow in what we train them to do. i have owned a pit before and afgter that i still love the breed i just hate when the BSL kicks in n says we can't own that breed because of the state laws. so for those people out there who want to fight these beautiful and extremely intelligent dogs the law will stop you.

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Daline   Dallas, TX

12/12/2008 10:50:28 AM

The breed American Pit Bull Terrier has changed my life forever. I have become a better person in just owning this amazing divine breed. They have taught me that our government does not work how we think it works, it taught me about how prejudice is triving so lively today in our society and how it is again so important to NEVER NEVER judge without knowing, experiencing yourself. I was one of those that one time thougth what the media teaches people so falsely..that pit bulls are bad, pit bulls are killers...I have found out Pit Bulls equals TRUE LOVE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, fulfilling love... I will keep fighting against BSL because I cannot live without myself allowing people who have no clue on the breed and dogs in general to ban a breed who is part of America's history. I want my kids to be able to own this breed and their kids also..PEACE LOVE AND PIT

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Jennifer   Atascadero, CA

12/5/2008 5:07:37 PM

i have been in love with the breed my whole life and i have an oppurtunity to get one and everyone in my family is worried. I have tried to explain to them that its not the breed its the owner. They really are one of the most loveing and loyal dog breeds out therfe i have done my research and even raised one.

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Travis   Pleasant lake, MI

12/4/2008 6:11:47 PM

When i was a teenager my folks had gotten a pitbull/lab mix for me. I was worried at first because the bad rep they have. But after having him i realized they are a great dog....and very smart. So after he had passed i found a good breeder and got a full bred pitbull terrier. I have him now and i couldnt ask for a better dog. People always complement him on his looks but then ask if he'd bite. I prove to everyone i encounter when i walk him that pitbulls are NOT mean dogs. I believe that it is the owners that make them mean. Any dog can be mean if they are not loved and trained properly. I would recommend a pitbull to everyone who wants a smart, loving, and loyal dog.


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Travis   Watertown, NY

11/29/2008 3:30:18 PM

I have owned a few Pitbull's my self in many different states. I have recently moved to Upstate NY and here they frown upon the breed. They have been labeled on the Dangerous breed list. Yes, i understand the breed has a bad wrap but its not all their fault. You dont label people because they were raised wrong and barre them from certain states why do it to animals. I think a lot of it is on the owner. I have had 4 now and none of them has had an aggression problem towards adults or children. I personaly love the breed and see them as very loyal, attentive, hard working dogs.

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Janice   San Diego, CA

11/21/2008 6:47:37 PM

I really appreciated reading the positive reinforcement for this breed especially after all the negative publicity. My blue nose was born in my home (long story that involves my daughter) and I self-trained her from books/dvds. I've not had a dog of my very own before. She's so loveable, patient, charismatic and sooo happy; in public, people were terrified of her breed and would be aggressive toward her...that has changed since they've gotten to know her and how playful/gentle she is with their dogs/puppies & children. Now the regulars all know and greet her at the beaches and parks. If they see me around town at the grocery store or restaurants, they always ask how she's doing and state what a sweetie she is.

P.S. it just goes to show, it truly is the owner that is reflected in a dog's behavior, no matter what breed it is.

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Jamie   Cleveland, OH

11/7/2008 5:33:26 PM

"Why would you want a pitbull?" is what I heard from alot of people when I decided I wanted an APBT. I didn't care what ignorant people thought, I had studied the breed and knew that was what I wanted. I got my best friend and love of my life when he was only 7 weeks old. Now at 4, Bosco is my little man. I love my other dog, Faith, a 2 year old German Shepherd and all 5 of my cats, but Bosco and I have a bond that is greater than any bond I have with any animal and human. I love my pitbull so much words can not describe.

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Travis   Monmouth, IL

11/6/2008 6:19:08 AM

Pits are the best dogs I've ever owned. I've had labs and rotts but now i have three blue nose pits and there loving and good to all people even tho there hard headed at sum time they listen pretty well. So for all you people that think there mean its not them its their owner

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Stacey   Boca Raton, FM

10/30/2008 5:39:09 PM

I have an APBT who is approximately 4 years old now. We rescued her 2-1/2 years ago. She is absolutely the epitome of a living-breathing Teddy Bear. She lives for Dog Park and snuggling in bed with my husband & I. She loves her brother & sisters (2 mini pins and 2 mutts very much) and is wonderful with children. My onlty wish is that people understand, it is not the dog it is the human that is usually at fault for bad behavior. Thank you for your informative and wonderful magazine!


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Brandon   Key West, FL

10/3/2008 6:39:29 PM

I have a 1.5 year pit that is the best dog I have ever owned. I have had multiple shepards, rots, a St. Bernard and nothing compares. He is great with people, other dogs, very well mannered, and the most loyal dog money can buy. I loved this issue on APBT lots of good info.

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Amy   Halifax, NS

10/2/2008 3:54:12 AM

I have a 1 year old pitbull. She is fantastic, providing I give her the exercise, (which is a lot) and training she needs. This is a great article, and I just read your recent APBT mag. It was terrific, and so informative. :)

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Traci   Okmulgee, OK

9/23/2008 12:42:33 PM

I absolutely loved this edition!!! Please tell me that there will be future APBT/AmStaff editions!?! I run a Pit Rescue plus I own a full blood female and 3 pit/boxer puppies. I found the information very helpful and interesting.

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Diana   Staten Island, NY

9/21/2008 4:17:20 PM

Loved this edition. I was very skeptical when my son came home with this puppy. I kept him bec I did not trust the breeder that took him away from the mother at such an early stage (4 weeks). It's been alot of hard work, and still working at it, but he is now MY dog.

Hardest part is teaching him that he cannot be a lap dog at 75 lbs when I have guests over. Don't know how he grew to 75 lbs vet says he is not over weight due to his height and proportions, just a BIG BOY.

This is the first dog I have ever owned. But I immediately read up on everything out there on the breed. Tended to his health issues immediately and at 22 months this dog has won my heart and respect. Love my Putty so much that it broke my heart when I read in this edition 'maybe their owners didn't love them enough to work through the problem'. I've put my Putty through puppy kindergarden at PetSmart (for the group socialization), and took my vet up on working with an animal behaviourist.

Putty still has issues but I know if I give him time and guidance he will get past it. And he doesn't have to be perfect, I love him no matter what and will always protect him and keep him well and safe.

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Stephanie   Austin, TX

8/23/2008 1:54:15 PM

I was terrified of getting a Pit and bringing him into the house with a chihuahua. The Pit (Chopper)follows the chihuahua around & loves her way more than she loves him. I can't imagine not having our Pit Bull, he is such a lover boy and all around good dog. As long as the breed is raised well, they will be wonderful companions.

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Robin   Deptford, NJ

8/15/2008 6:42:57 PM

I have two beautiful female pitbulls and I love them more then anything in this world.

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Connie   Knoxville, MD

8/9/2008 12:21:52 AM

I was never a "dog person" until my son got a Pit Bull puppy. He was the most loving dog I had ever seen in my life. My husband now has a 5 month old Pit Bull pup and he is very loving and extremely smart. Our vet told us that Pit Bulls and German Shepherds are her favorite breeds. I can see why!

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Jo   Longmont, CO

6/23/2008 6:22:24 AM

I love my APBT! Her name is Precious and it is so fitting. I have a 15 month old son and they are very best friends. I have always loved Precious but after bringing my son home from the hospital and seeing Precious accept him made me love her even more. She is a wonderful family member and I wont give her up for anything. I have even had to move out of my home town after they passed a pitbull ban. But it is all worth it. Precious is a family member and I'll never give her up!

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Stephanie   Evansville, IN

6/18/2008 5:24:07 AM

My Cocoa knows there are 2 types of folks in this world. Her friends and the friends she hasn't met yet.

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Cream   Harrisburg, PA

6/6/2008 4:04:58 AM

The article fits my APBT to a "T"!! She is always willing to please me and anyone else in my family. She loves attention and all the neighborhood children love her, so she gets plenty. Her best friends are two male dogs, a poodle and a Jack Russell terrier. She is gentle with my 74 year old mother. I can't understand why people mistreat them or any other dog.

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