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Teresa   Lexington, KY

5/19/2008 7:58:22 PM

The article was good. What I would like to find is a magazine dedicated to the bulldog breeds. I would subscribe if I could find one that was exclusive to them.

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Jen   fenton, MI

5/15/2008 6:19:04 AM

Great Article! Please check out my site on Pit Bulls!

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Jason   Castalia, OH

5/4/2008 5:26:31 PM

I owm four registered APBTs. I've AmStaffs that look just like my dogs. The only real difference I can see in the dogs is the color pattern merle to me that's a dig strike on AmStaffs since it comes from breeding with non-bully dogs and it causes genitic blindness.

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Carissa   Norfolk, VA

4/22/2008 11:22:36 AM

I have an American Staffordshire and she is so sweet and lovable but does live up to the name of Bully Breed. She doesn't allow other dogs to take her toys and trys to dominate me which I don't let her do what she wants but she's really not bad. I think she is the most gorgeous and loyal dog I have ever had she tells me when somethings wrong.

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Amy   Hood River, OR

1/27/2008 6:11:41 PM

We are owners of a Pit Bull mix named Chubbs. My husband is a State Police officer and wasn't keen on the idea of owning a Pit Bull. The dog is actually our 17 year old daughter's. Because of the great articles and training tips in your magazine, we have become very knowledgeable and responsible owners. Our other dog, Selena, a Jack Russel Terrier/Australian Shepherd mix, has a wonderful friend and playmate. I am proud to tell people that we are the owners of a happy, friendly and affectionate Pit Bull. Thanks for all the great information featured in your magazine.


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stephanie   little rock, AR

1/16/2008 4:29:29 PM

I would like to be able to subcribe to bully breeds magazine, they are hard to find in arkansas

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Melissa   newton, NJ

11/25/2007 11:40:39 AM

The first Bully Breed magazine I bought for $9.99 was great. So, I waited for the next issues and of course bought it for another $9.99. Disappointingly, the articles were all of the same content and even the pictures were of the same dogs in different poses! Even the people pictured were the same. I am very disappointed that you would not make that information clear to readers so they don't waste money on the same magazine. Very low budget and poor quality.

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Hannah   Temecula, CA

9/17/2007 1:55:50 PM

As the proud owner of a seven month old male pit bull, I cannot express how wonderful of an animal he is. Gentle with other dogs, both big and small, cats, all people and

He is the best dog I have ever had and having been a vet tech I have not only owned but worked with hundreds of

I reccomend pit bulls highly; just know that they are high energy and that their energy must be channeled properly to discourage destructive behavior.

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Leonard S   Lancaster, CA

8/25/2007 6:29:16 PM

Hi, my name is Leonard. I own a red nose pitbull that is 8 months old. His name is Shadow. Shadow is the first dog I have ever owned. I have done alot of research online. Thanks to Ceasar Millan, dog channel, Bully breed magazines and all the great articles I have read, I can honestly say I own a great APBT. Pets take alot of trainning and patients, but it is all worth it. We also own a small Malti-poo. Her name is Sadie and she is only 6 months. They get along really good. Bully breeds are great pets as along as they are treated properly. I don't like all the stereotype that they say about bully breeds. Everytime I see negative feedback from people in the street, Shadow seems to suprise them. He is well mannered and respectfull. I enjoy reading good things about Bully Breeds and I hope people can understand them more after reading this
Thanks for every

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Jennifer   Bolivar, TN

6/16/2007 8:19:20 AM

My husband and I bought the mushies puppy from a breeder online. I wantn't name the site. Anyway the women should not be breeding she was selling the pups as Pitt Bulls. But after having her for a month thier was nodout that she was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. So as far as the article I think every breeder should have to read it & the magazine before thier aloud to bread. In the end I bought her for my huband and he couldn't love her more.


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Nykky   Greensboro, NC

2/25/2007 8:46:08 AM

I just wanted to say that i loved the articles that I read in the Bully Breeds Vol. 21. Thank you for making such an informative magazine.

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