Comments on 8 Great Reasons to Use a Crate

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Arnie   Hollywood, FL

8/20/2007 2:55:34 PM

In regards to No.1,"you should crate your puppy for only as long as it can reasonably control its bladder and bowels" does this mean to totally discard the use of the crate after potty training
I was under the belief it was a safe heaven for them forever ?

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kim   blockhouse, SD

8/14/2007 1:46:00 PM

I would like to know how long is "too long"in a crate. My JRT can be alone up to 9 hours sometimes. Should I leave him in the crate. He is 6 and spots everywhere he can. Thank you. Kim at

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Lizz   Mason, OH

7/19/2007 10:14:53 AM

i think it needs to go into more detail.

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may   none, PA

7/11/2007 2:15:32 PM

wow crate i guess that i have to get a
lol.but my dog wont like it

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Rudhra   malden, MA

6/17/2007 7:04:57 PM

I think it is very important to know these things, especialy the part about nylon socks!


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Anny   Detroit, MI

4/6/2007 1:20:51 PM

Crate training is the best thing that has ever happened to my dog family.

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Benedict   Groton, CT

3/7/2007 7:20:09 PM

How do I teach a 3 year old Akita that was abused by someone else to be crated

Thanks, Benedict

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