Comments on How to Select a Puppy That's Right for You

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Izzie M.   Illnois, IL

4/9/2009 5:41:48 PM

If you think ur ready 4 a dog u should get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv U Cervo & JF.

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Isabelle   Florida, FL

4/9/2009 5:37:43 PM

Puppies r so cute i wish i had one!!!!!!!!!!

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Courtney   Baltimore, MD

4/2/2009 7:49:09 AM

Researching a breed before getting a dog was one of the best decison I have made for my dog. I knew what to expect from my dog and if my dog was going to be the right choice for my family and life style. I wanted to make sure the breed and I where going to be happy together. Knowing about a breed is really helpful when training too. We now have a mixed breed, and the best mix of breeds that is perfect for us. It worked out great. Again, if you are considering a dog, researching a breed first is really helpful for you and the dog. I'm really glad I did.

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nikki and Peyton, GA

3/30/2009 5:00:18 PM

Hello, im looking for a Maltipoo, a Maltese , or a Shih Tzu.

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stephanie   macon, GA

3/14/2009 3:00:27 PM

Cool article!


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Nick   sunbury, PA

3/9/2009 6:06:48 PM

I like big tough and friendly dogs.

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ann   ohio, FM

3/4/2009 12:46:53 PM

i like boston bull tererrs is that the right dog for me

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3/2/2009 2:17:00 PM

all of these dogs are soooooooooooo cute i always wanted a japanese chin

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robyn   picorivera, CA

3/2/2009 9:27:43 AM

I think puppies are cute ,cool, friendly, and great.

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amber   Eshorwood, NC

2/22/2009 10:44:05 AM

i think that having a puppy will be great!


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Samantha Lynn   Havre de grace, MD

2/20/2009 12:27:04 PM

I think The best way lto piclk the right puppy is think about how much time YOUR going to spend with it and how much attention it needs. If your not around a whole lot consider picking a breed that doesnt need so much attention or you may just not want to get one if it doesn't fit with your scedual.

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Megan   Northkingsville, OH

2/16/2009 7:12:49 AM

I love this artical because it gives you information to help you know if the dog is right for you.

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katherine hehterington   kansas city, KS

2/3/2009 2:28:35 PM

this articile was awsome and i will read it again and again and again.

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Megan   North Kingsville, OH

1/29/2009 5:38:45 PM

You should look up the breed and see if you can give it the amount of walks it needs,also if you have the time to train and if your dog/puppy is living in the right enviorment.

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katie   burington, IL

1/28/2009 4:42:36 PM


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Xxxxxxxxxxx   Xxxxxxxxxx, MD

1/21/2009 10:22:34 AM

this is a good article, and a good idea. thanx dogfancy

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Kiley   tivoly, NY

1/21/2009 4:54:00 AM

i like family dogs

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XxxX   London, SK

1/16/2009 11:00:11 AM

I think this article helps but I want a website which can tell me what breed of dog is for me, like a test.

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Brooke   .., MN

1/16/2009 8:49:19 AM

I love this article!

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angelina   san simeon, CA

1/15/2009 8:02:00 PM

Good article!

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