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Mel   Dallas, TX

11/7/2010 9:10:16 PM

Hi my dogs ate Tomcat rat poison, we induced vomiting with peroxide. They threw it all up. To the lady that said her dog ate Tomcat also, what were your results with your dog? Hope everything was ok.

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Cheryl   Lincoln, IL

10/31/2010 11:16:12 AM

My dog died a few hours ago. I guess he got into the Deacon and we didn't figure it out until about 3 AM. I knew he was sick but wasn't seeing any blood or anything. Apparently, he bled into his brain and basically had a stroke. Even if they could have saved him, he already had brain damage. I had to have him put down. This is by far the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. The pain and sadness is overwhelming and I feel so responsible. Please, people...make sure your pets can't find the poison. I wish I could do it over again! I'd live with the mice if only I could have my little Bear back.... I love you baby dog!

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don   atlanta, GA

10/19/2010 6:14:18 PM

i have a dog thats i havent a clue wats wrong with him he wont eat or drink and has been acting
i think it is rat poison because my neighbor has posioned man of my dogs not sure wat type of poison but i dont hve any vit k please give me other remedies without vet.

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ron   lexington sc, SC

10/18/2010 9:46:11 AM

our dog eat it Friday night and we found out on saturday when it's poop was green. Took the dog about 20 lbs to the vet and gave Vit K and charcoal. kept the dog overnight and checked vitals and blood on that time all looked normal. But the vet said the new rat poison is a new generation and takes longer to work. we are giving Vit k in pill form to the dog twice a day...will be taken dog in for more blood tests...and brusing and clotting time. Wish us well

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Rebecca   Wilm, NC

10/10/2010 9:13:47 PM

Thank you very much! Found this site immediately after my pet digested tomcat rat poison. Did exactly as stated. Thank you!


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Eileen   wellington, OH

9/2/2010 10:12:45 PM

Unfortunately,I discovered my dog did eat mice poison. She wasn't looking right wednesday night, but she was old and I thought her back was bothering her. When I got home from work on Thursday she wasn't breathing well. I took her to the vet and she had bled into her chest cavity. I never thought about poison, because I didn't think she could get to any. After making the tough decision to put her down, I found the small chewed up box in the garage. I don't know if we could of saved her if we had known.

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Lisa   Elgin, TX

6/5/2010 7:22:01 PM

That's fine to keep the poison away from the pets. The problem is, the pets can still be poisoned by eating the dead poisoned rodents. My poor pup is in the hospital as we speak, I had to learn these things the hard way. She nearly bled to death in a matter of a few hours, while under care.

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Mary   Clear Lake, MN

5/10/2010 7:16:20 PM

We need to put rat/mouse poison around in our garage so my husband cut 2"PVC pipe into long tubes. Then placed the poison in the middle of it and set it into hard to reach areas. That keeps pets from being able to get the poison.

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bob   KONA, HI

5/9/2010 4:12:05 PM

Great advice, i found this web site quickly after I saw him eating some poison. Probably saved my puppy's life. Got him to vomit.

Now gave him a little charcoal to absorb what may be left.

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Karen   Irving, TX

5/4/2010 4:01:38 PM

I think my dog ate rat poison!!!!!!!!!! Because I went into my room and on my rag on the floor was something blue so I thought it was rat poison but also I thought it was plant food. But my dog is looking fine but also it has been 30 minutes or 1 hour I think my dog ate plant food because it does not look sick.


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kelly   mpls, MN

3/27/2010 9:00:37 PM

Although many of the comments here are correct, no one has mentioned the dangers associated with giving your dog (or any pet) hydrogen peroxide at home. It is very VERY easy for a dog to aspirate the liquid, that is, for some of the peroxide to go down the trachea into the lungs. This is especially true if your animal is struggling. The pneumonia caused by aspiration can be fatal and untreatable. The best solution is to bring the animal to a licensed vet ASAP, or at least get animal poison control to walk you through the process of inducing vomiting.

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Dana   Charlotte, NC

3/24/2010 2:50:37 PM

This may have saved my puppies lives. My two pups,ages 10 wks and 5 months old ate partially ate a block of rat poison. I didn't know what to do and quickly googled for help and found this article. I gave them both two tsp. of hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting and it worked almost instantaneously. Turns out that more of the poison was ingested by my older pup upon inspected their vomit.I rushed them to the vet as soon as they were settled down from throwing up, and the vet gave them both a vitamin K shot, and gave them pills to take for the next couple weeks. Only time will tell if they will be ok, but so far it looks like most of it was thrown up, and I think they will be alright. The poison had been out before we got the pups (to kill a mouse) and we had forgotten that it was even there. Please take heed and be careful when you have pups or children running around that these dangerous chemicals are out of their reach. I would have been devastated to lose my furbabies. I pray that they will be ok.

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Carol   Perth, WA

1/28/2010 7:15:16 AM

Im not sure on my Vets procedure. I found a rat poison sachet chewed in my back yard. I have two Akitas. I rang the vet and they made an appt for me 3 hours later. I went there and they put morphine in there eyes to make them vomit, one not only vomited but was like a dead weight for some time after, the other had no vomiting or drowsyness. Then I was told to go home and come back in 2 days for blood tests. I was also advised that after this medication of Vitamin K for a month is necessary for both dogs all costing well over $1000. I am worried that if this is a serious poison like the website says then why arent the dogs treated with Vitamin K straight away.

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Vickie   valparaiso, IN

1/22/2010 8:17:30 PM

My Cockapoo ate smoke rat poison and i read this artical and then I rushed her to Vet's and so far so good given vitamin K.

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Leisa   Minneapolis, MN

1/3/2010 5:26:12 PM

I'm so thankful I found this website -- it was the first one that came up on Google.

This evening, My 16 month old, l7 lb Cocker Spaniel ate a small amount of D-Con. I used a funnel, placed it inside her mouth (which was a struggle), and poured a small amount of hydrogen peroxide down her throat (I too, cried while doing this). She vomited twice within 5-10 mins. I went to Walgreens pharmacy to buy Vitamin K pills, but they said I would need a Rx.

I ended up taking her to the Emerg. Vet. They gave her an injection of Vitamin K and sent us home w/ a 7 day supply of Vitamin K pills. My total bill was $148.97. They expect her to make a full recovery. They said the key to saving her life, was by inducing vomitting ASAP.

The sooner you take action, the better. So please don't wait -- get your dog to vomit at home and take them to the Vet right away.

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Cindy   Houston, TX

11/4/2009 7:29:20 AM

Please check your type of rat poison. Last night I rushed my puppy to the vet after he ate part of a bag of rat poison that contains Bromethalin. This is a very dangerous chemical and there is no antidote. We are keeping a close eye on our puppy. Hopefully there will be no long term damage such as brain edema. Vomiting was induced within 30 minutes of ingestion and we are following with three days of activated charcoal.

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Tina   Cottage Grove, WI

10/8/2009 9:22:20 PM

My dog at 2 chunks of rat poison. I called my vet and she suggested inducing vomiting with peroxide. It didn't work, so I had to take him to an emergency vet. Peroxide had worked before for something else he ate, I was puzzled why. Becuase it was more than 1 hr., I was told that any other emetic wouldn't work. He gave him a big shot of vitamin K and he has to take 10 vitamin K pills/day for 3 wks. In 5 days he has to have lab work to check his clotting factors. My dog weighs 98 lbs.

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Adoile   Houston, TX

9/10/2009 8:56:42 PM

My dog ate a hole block of poisoning and the vomit thing really worked now I have 2 get vitamin K

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Wanda Johnson, AR

9/6/2009 7:03:01 PM

This is a great web site. The poison control center was not as much help as you were. We are not out of the woods yet with my dog, but your information is fantastic.

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Mary Suen   Milpitas, CA

9/5/2009 5:06:19 PM

I am sooooooo thankfull for this web sight! My 8 month old pup ate a hole box of rat poison that was in my neighbors garage. I didn't know what to do!!! I am on unemployment, living check to check so I really couldn't aford to take her to a vet... I got on the internet and did as this web sight said to do. I pored peroxide down her throght and she threw up "green" several times. Gave her a little more and then she threw up just peroxide and stomic acid. It might be to soon to tell but I think she is going to be ok... THANK YOU!!!!!

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