Comments on Fun Backyard Games With Your Dog

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Diana Williams   Glen Rose, TX

10/6/2007 2:34:53 PM

Very good ideas will have to try this

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Laura   Las Vegas, NV

9/5/2007 4:28:32 PM

it is great

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Jody   Altamonte Springs, FL

8/8/2007 3:37:51 AM

A game that I play with my dogs (of course they are smaller) is BUBBLES. They just LOVE it when I blow bubbles, yes, the kind the kids buy at the toy store. They love jumping for them, popping them, pawing at them, and running around like crazy trying to catch them to no avail. You ought to try this with your pooch.. it is so much fun for them, and even more fun for you to watch!

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caitlyn   castleton, IL

7/22/2007 12:35:53 PM

your site has sooo many great ideas.i will try it has cute some of them with my dogs but some are a little hard for my dogs because one of my dogs is a little beagle and the other dog of mine is an unsmart golden retreiver.but they are very smart and clever ideas i have to has cute dogs do you get all of these dogs on your website it is do you do it i repeat how do you do it.

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Quanique   Nashville, TN

6/22/2007 4:08:22 PM

I really like the fact that you are sharing great nformation to people at dogchannel.


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Stef   CL, IA

6/15/2007 11:24:20 AM

I've tried many of these before, and Lexy really likes them!

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STEPHANIE   chillicothe, OH

6/9/2007 10:40:11 PM

good information

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michelle   bixby, OK

5/23/2007 2:31:11 PM

I think its cool to play games with dogs, but can you tell me how to help my deformed pet, Lucy? she has a claw, a curved back bone and shes not that smart. PLEASE HELP ME?!?

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Inwe   Rupert, ID

5/11/2007 7:09:10 PM

I loved it! I think I will try some of the games with my dogs!

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Sarah   Flower Mound, TX

4/29/2007 8:43:19 AM

This is a very helpful artical but I am confused on the Backyard Tunnel. Maybe they should add a How To. Otherwise it was very helpful.


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Julia   Haymarket, VA

4/3/2007 4:34:25 PM

this is so cool i love my dog and i want to be a vet adn this trick page helped

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laura   key west, FL

3/22/2007 1:01:49 PM

I love your web. It is cool. It rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lori   Pavilion, NY

3/14/2007 6:10:10 AM

Love the article! With a slightly overweight beagle/bassett, any new exercise is great!

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Kendall Headrick   tumwater, WA

2/25/2007 7:23:00 PM

Dear dog
I love your activity ideas. My favorite activity you mentioned was the enthusiastic fetching idea. My puppy is not purebred, he is a pitbull & yellow lab mix, so he has a lot of energy. He also really lets the pitbull out of him when he plays. The way he lets it out is by nipping and biting my legs and arms. When I go to take him out of his pen, he jumps up on me. I know it is affection, but sometimes it gets a little out of hand. What do you think I should
-Kendall H.
Tumwater WA

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