Comments on Pennsylvania Hosts Big Dog Shows

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Linda Fitzgerald   Howell, NJ

2/11/2009 7:10:59 AM

As an exhibitor of American Staffordshire Terriers I have to ask, no plead, with the media-"Please give our breed some 'good press'! All we hear are the bad things. Of dog fighting rings, drug dealers, and gang members. These are family pets first, and some of us are so proud as to do the dog show scene too. Any breed can be trained to fight. Ours are picked because of muscle and bravery. I would like the fear of this breed to end. And for that to happen, the media's help would be appreciated.

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Eddie   Huntingdon Valley, PA

3/16/2007 12:23:39 PM

We really enjoyed going to the dog show when it ws in Philadelphia or Fort Wshington. PLEASE COME BACK HOME!!!

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MaryGrace   Mount Sinai, NY

3/8/2007 8:40:45 PM

I ish we could be told about upcoming dog shows. Otherwise, the article was quite informative

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