Comments on Can Vaccines Cause Disease?

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Robert Grizzle   Roswell, GA

2/18/2010 11:09:49 AM

My 4 1/2 Month old Airedale Puppy just "Died" from Vaccine Induced AutoImmune Hemolytic Anemia! The final series of Puppy shots parvo, Distemper,hepatitis,parainflunenza,coronavirus wer given at the same time as the Rabies Vaccine. My Puppy became ill with Parvo-distemper trembling limbs and an ear infection 11 days after the vaccines were injected.....she was perfectly healthy prior to the vaccines....please do research befor letting the Vet give these vaccines.....Please! I'm so heart broken.....I lost my Female Airedale of 13 1/2 years just 4 months prior.

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Mel   Castile, NY

4/10/2008 6:02:50 AM

it's scary to think that the very medicine that is meant to help your pet could in some way harm them

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