Comments on Dog Growls When Tired

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Amie   Tallahassee, FL

6/8/2011 12:14:29 AM

Thanks for this post. My Maltese/Shih Tzu does this too, and I just figured out tonight that it usually means "I need a nap." My vet said to gently turn him on his back until he calms ( I do this when holding him so he doesn't confuse it with a "good dog" belly rub.) It seems to be really helping, but it has taken several days to see a difference. I have also started basic training (Mine, sit, wait, off, drop it, and down) and THAT daily practice seems to have made the most difference, especially "down." This is my first dog and all I did was read a book, so I was SO relieved to see this post! It's not just my puppy (or yours)! Good

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A   San Diego, CA

8/4/2010 8:45:09 PM

I thought no growling was OK since it's Alpha behavior which many times leads to biting.

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