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Pat   Warwick, Rhode Island

7/22/2014 5:13:00 AM

I adopted a 3yr old pap from a pound he was very abused. I took him to my shop I'm a groomer straightened his hair out he is a very good dog except I think he's having separation axieity plus he sit and looks like he is catching flies like a frog does just wanted to know if this common in this bred. I live him so much. Take him to work everyday so he ca socialize with the other dogs

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ESPERANSA   texas, International

2/17/2013 3:33:29 AM

I have a Papillon. We got her 3 yrs ago. he is very special and very sensitive and shy. She is very protective of us. We got her at 7 mths and she had not been very socialized with other people or dogs. It took her a few days to get use to us and our place. She would make growling sounds because she was scared. I told my family to just ignore her, not talk to her or make eye contact with her. She slowly started coming towards us, smelling us until she felt comfortable.

Now it been 3 yrs and she still makes growling sounds but now she does it to play and get our attention. She also sometimes makes other sounds like shes talking but with just changes the pitch of her voice making high and low sounds. Some times she plays with my 16 yr old and sounds like a Grimlin and our quests cant believe the sounds are coming from our
She sometimes looks a you and turns her head to the side and just gives you a long stare. She follows me everywhere when I get home from work and has been a great addition to our family. She is very special, very smart, we much loved and she knows it :)

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Laura   Frostproof, FL

3/4/2012 4:13:22 PM

A friend from where I work gave us a part Papillon/Chihuahua mix. She was born Oct. 25th, and I brought her home on Dec. 23rd. She is starting to get the long hair so I'm hoping she will have more of the Papillon look. She is so fiesty, but fits right in with our other 3 dogs of which 2 are Chihuahua mixed breed both from the same little, and they will be 6 years old this Oct. The 3rd member of our dog family is Rosie a Jack Russell I adopted from the Humaine Society when she was 10 months old. She will be 2 this Nov. Our Papillon mix is named Cocoa because of her color. She and the Jack Russell are best buds. Cocoa shows no fear fo anything. She will be on the bed or couch, and just go sailing off to chase Rosie. My husband is retired so he is home with them all the time, and they like to spend a good part of the day out in the yard with him. We have a acre of all fenced in propery so they can run and play all they like. All 4 sleep with us in our king size bed, and each has their favorite spot. They are all 4 our babies and as I'm sure most serious dog lovers do we call ourselves Mama and Daddy to them.

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Louis   Reno, NV

12/22/2009 11:49:45 AM

Mine is only a Papillon mix, yet his intelligence is amazing. He loves to play hide and seek (I call him after I'm hidden, he gets a treat when he finds me), and "catch me if you can" around the house with one of his toys. He'll even drop the toy and feign complete disinterest, until you're an inch away from grabbing it - then he snaps it up before you can get it and runs away, even squeaking the toy as a taunt when he knows you have no chance of catching him. Little booger! :)

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Pat   Apopka, FL

10/13/2009 5:27:45 PM

We have had two Paps and both are as smart as a three year old. They are great dogs with a mind of their own.


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Stefanie   Canton, OH

6/24/2009 8:28:48 AM

I have a 3 1/2 year old Papillion, Waffle, and I love him to death. His favorite thing is chasing a ball. He has at least 10 that he hides around the house and he retrieves particular ones at a time. If he picks one out and you throw a different one, he won't chase it! He is the sweetest dog, too. When I'm upset or crying, he comes over and puts a paw on my knee and sits like that until I calm down. He is also pretty mischievous; when our other dog, a Chorkie named Beanie, has a toy he wants, he jumps on us and tries to get us to pet him and kiss him until Beanie comes over then he bolts away and takes the toy. I recommend a Papillion for anyone who has time to devote a lot of attention to the dog and who can take the time to stimulate his mind, as well.

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Liz   Winter Haven, FL

2/9/2009 12:12:10 PM

I have a papillion, his name is Cosmo and he is the sweetest dog, loyal and so loving. I am so happy i bought him 3 1/2 years ago. Hes family, I scold him when I need to and give him tons of loving. Humans should be like dogs, they will love you no matter what.

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Victoria   West Gardiner, ME

2/4/2009 12:55:36 PM

This dog sounds good to
I used to think that a Pomeranian was right for me. Then it was a Brittany. Then a Beagle. Then a Cocker spaniel. Now a Papillon. I'm hoping that this is what would fit me.

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Gwen   Arvada, CO

8/2/2008 11:55:38 AM

We just adopted our third Papillon. He came from Safe Place Rescue League in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is great. Loves to cuddle but is also a big clown. He takes toys from the grandkids toy box and won't give them back. Runs laps around the house carrying his favorite "skunk". We researched most toy breeds and came back to the Papillon - they are the best!

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Liberty   Buffalo, NY

3/15/2007 3:14:49 PM

I have 2 Papillons. Both are quite stubborn as I have read the breed to be. Training isn't easy but as my boys seemed to mature quite fast (by the time they were 1) it did get easier after that puppy stage to get them to learn and obey. I think the first year should only be for those MAJOR points like using the outdoors to go to the bathroom and behavior like the typical sit and stay. Wait a while and go at it with more complex things; it will pay off to wait on some of the "frill" training. I love how well behaved and sweet my boys turned out to be having let them be who they were supposed to be that first year.


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