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Bobbi   somewhere, IN

6/2/2008 8:40:24 PM

I almost fell victim to dog theft just today, and right out of my own backyeard, and my english mastiff was growling and barking but the stranger was still brave enough to try and take his collar off, we heard the commotion and the man saw us and ran off, and just 2 days ago, someone tried to kick in my back door unsucessfuly. My dog has been targeted and now I KNOW that it is becuase of ME! I was walking him frequently, and the proud owner I am, I would brag about him to anyone who stopped me on my way. One man in particular, acually asked me where I lived which immediatly set off alarm bells in my head, and I didnt tell him, but not long after he seen me going to my house. Now i dont know what to do, I am afraid that if I leave my mastiff in the house while I am gone, there will be a break in, if I take him, my car may be broke into, heis registered and has tags, and we are looking into microchipping, but theifs arent stupid and there are ways they can get around this. I dont know if there already is such a thing, but what I think would be great is an implanted chip that can be TRACKED. Just because there is a regular microchip in place doesnt mean the dog will ever be in a situation were the ear will be scanned. It is easy to make the mistake and get your dog targeted, and is not an easy thing to fix!

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Sophie Hightower   Noneya, NY

5/23/2008 2:33:56 PM

Really, If ppl love their dogs so much, then they would already know this kinda stuff second nature, i mean think about it, do parents just leave kids unattended for hours? No! Do parents leave their kids Outside a mall! No! Its dangerous, this article was unnecessary, ppl should know this stuff! Anyhow, no point in warning ppl about it, its only their fault when their dogs get stolen, maybe they'll learn a lesson

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Pat   San Angelo, TX

4/24/2008 9:49:42 PM

This is a valuable article. A dog belonging to a friend of ours was stolen from her back yard while she was at work. She, along with many other people I would bet, had never considered that something like that would ever happen. Thanks for making people aware of this unfortunate possibility.

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Liza   Grand Bay-Westfield, NB

4/24/2008 10:16:27 AM

The thought of someone taking my dog from me scares me to death!! We have a Heinz 57 dog. I know that his mom has German Shepherd in her and his Dad has Husky in him. He looks purebred German Shepherd and pretty much everyone I run into asks me where I got the beautiful Shepherd. I always tell them he's not pure and we got him from a farm for free. We have a fenced in back yard where he loves to be most of the time but, sometimes I wonder if someone would try to snatch him because he looks so pure.

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