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Sophie   Australia, International

1/8/2015 7:13:07 PM

I'm flying my 10 year old chihuahua who has a level 4/5 heart murmur from Australia to the UK. I have read a few forums where people have flown older dogs and they've been fine, but I am constantly haunted by the stats of some dogs not making it. Our flight is 26 hours and we have a 6 hour wait in Hong Kong where she won't be allowed out of her crate. At the moment she sleeps in her pet carrier which she will be flying in, and I'm just getting her use to drinking from the water container attached to the carrier gate. She is also left in the house for 12 hours when I'm at work and she rarely soils in the house. I can't leave without her, she is my world. Does anyone have any advice?


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Soham   Kolkata, International

4/25/2013 1:38:42 AM

Hi, I am looking to travel with my 59lbs, male, Golden Retreiver this July from Kolkata (India) to California USA.

What are the major precautions I should take with my pet before he travels? Will I be allowed to supervise his loading and unloading onto the plane during the stop over and the initial and final
Do I have to inform the crew or pilot about anything other than the fact that my pet is onboard?

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Rachel - 255394   

7/6/2012 4:20:40 PM

Air Hollywood just started a K9 Flight School to make it easier for you to take your dog on planes. Check out the promo here: Hope this helps some people!

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Rod   Deland, FL

5/21/2012 11:40:47 AM

I used the Original Anxiety Wrap we bought on Amazon and it was a miracle worker. Skippy slept the whole flight. On previous flights he would cry and whimper the whole time. The company even provided me with step by step instructions for flying when i emailed them. It was AMAZING

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Noemie   Paris, CA

11/9/2011 4:39:24 AM

Hello I promised myself I would talk as much as I could on forums and blogs about my experience with my beautiful 11 years old golden retriever travelling from Los Angeles to Paris (11 hrs fligh) with Air France.

I was terrorized and had seen many comments saying people should not put their dog in the hold. I was moving out of the country. And would NEVER have left my dog behind.

He was diagnosed with arrhythmia,(heart malfunction) and the more I read through those blogs the less I could sleep at night. To be honest I am furious to see how people spread fears so carelessly.

Yes it is a long flight. No the dog is not necessarily spending the best time of his life in the hold. BUT he was FINE!!!! When I picked him up he was a little shaken, thirsty,

But after eating and drinking he was running and playing like a puppy. My dog is 11 and has Arrhythmia. So of course there is a risk, but it's like for everything in life. So don't worry like I did for countless night, your dog will be fine!!!!!!!!


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Toni   Clemson, SC

3/10/2011 9:51:11 AM

From a flight attendant.....please repeatedly remind followers that pets carried on board commercial aircraft must remain IN the carrier THROUGHOUT the flight. This is federal law and in place for VERY good reasons, including the safety of the pet. The pet cannot come out to sit on your lap, occupy the empty seat near you, "hang out" around your feet, be walked or carried through the cabin, given a peek out the window, NADA. My airline's rule is: NOT EVEN THE HEAD OUT OF THE CARRIER.

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