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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

1/31/2013 3:48:16 AM

Good information to know!

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Catherine   Washington, DC

1/8/2012 8:30:38 PM

I think you should add Idiopathic Vestibular Disease to one of the reasons.

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CC   Duncan, BC

1/6/2011 1:41:48 PM

Good to know. I think my girl was stumbling a bit due to an ear infection. She seems totally alert and ok now. Will keep this all in mind however. Good reference point. Thank you!

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Janet   Bethlehem, PA

10/3/2010 2:02:56 PM

good article, thanks

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Jim   Weston, CO

3/13/2010 6:30:35 PM

It was concise, very complete, and quickly set me on the road to curing my dog's stumbling spells (at least a good hope of
Thank you.


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ML   Los Angeles, CA

9/12/2009 3:28:00 PM

Very helpful. I am on my way to the vet. Now I will be able to ask the right questions. Thanks

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Andrea   Webberville, MA

7/22/2009 4:37:47 AM

This article may be very helpful to me. After my dog starting taking Tremadol for arthritic pain in his neck, he began stumbling as he walked. He has become more frequent even though we stopped the Tremadol but this article will help me do some investigating on possible issues. He is a beagle/bluetick mix

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Aileen   Eagle Rock, CA

11/25/2008 7:11:51 PM

How about limping?

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mary   ptld, ME

6/16/2008 3:03:43 AM

good article.

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