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Megan   lutz, FL

2/28/2009 10:23:08 AM

go obama!anyway thE best dog for obama and his family iz a bechion frise or a poochon. a poochon iz a bichon frise and a toy poodle. look it up. for the girls! "a friendly extrovert" is wat they say.if u dont want a small dog, get a nova scotia retriever. look it up. they r cute. "playful, trainable" is wat they say about those dogs. either one. portuguese water dogs are cute too.

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Carol   Belleville, ON

1/30/2009 11:14:00 AM

Papillons -pictures of royalty with papillons in them Great little dog.

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ciara   americus, GA

1/22/2009 7:48:17 AM


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Indy Rojas   Miami, FL

1/8/2009 3:40:56 PM

I think he should get a BOSTON TERRIER. They are the BEST!!!!

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JR   Albany, NY

1/8/2009 7:20:18 AM

I think a Shih Tzu would be great


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cathy   Vassalboro, ME

1/8/2009 6:37:33 AM

Look into the eyes of a Bichon and then try to say no!

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Claire   Milford, MA

1/7/2009 7:49:24 PM

I have had two Bichon Friese's and they are the best dog!!!! They love people animals children, and are a happy dog. They are very smart. They do take a lot of grooming, but usually when you see a picture of a Bichon, they have a show-cut. You don't need to do that. I highly recomment these loving dogs. The girls would love them. It is for the girls, right?

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Linda   Wenatchee, WA

12/28/2008 8:37:24 PM

I believe that the best dog the Obamas can get is a Border Terrier. It is not a commonly known breed but is wonderful with children, good around new friends and old, and easy to train due to their desire to please. It is considered the "golden retriever" of the terrier group in personality but in a smaller, non-shedding package. They are not aggressive toward other household animals.....or reporters and due to their low numbers, are a healthy breed. Their "plain brown wrapper" sensibleness is most reflective of the practical nature of the Obamas. It would be the best "no drama" choice they could make.

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Betty   Franklin, IN

12/28/2008 5:39:53 PM

I think Barack Obama's family should get a yorkshire terrier, because yorkies rarely shed and are hypoalleginic meaning they have human like hair which contains less dandriff then fur. That's why i think his family should choose the yorkshire terrier. Thank you.

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tony   orlando, FL

12/7/2008 1:40:50 PM

The absolute best choice is pit bull! Despite what the average person thinks, anyone who really knows anything about pit bulls will tell you that they are extremely loyal devoted family dogs. They are as short haired as any other dog so there is next to no shedding. They are extremely smart and energetic and love attention and human interaction. Pit Bulls portray a stature of strength, honor and courage. You will not find a better dog then a well trained Pit Bull. Anyone who really knows Pit Bulls will tell you that one would be the best candadate for the White House. Our national bird is the Bald Eagle. Why would anyone want to see another wimpy, dopey lap dog in the White House. Then people will see that the totally negative image that has been unjustly blanketed over the entire breed


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James W. Moore   Pontiac, MI

12/5/2008 6:59:32 AM

They should pick a female and male Alaskan Huskies and name them -"Lady and Tramp.

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Morris   Harker Heights, TX

11/18/2008 7:06:52 PM =related
This is the winner. Do a little research and find out the history of this particular breed. It is a fit for various reasons. I am so surprise this breed got left out
The children's book "LADY" is a story about a Basenji (female)


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Paul   Seattle, WA

11/17/2008 7:57:16 PM

How about the truest American Dog, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

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carol   philadelphia, PA

11/14/2008 10:15:54 AM

Ihave been allergic to dogs all my life to the sadness of my brother growing up and my 5 children until recently. My friend had me pick up her shih tzu from the airport and she couldn't get it for about 10 days. Those 10 days my kids feel in love and to my surprise my youngest son and I both asthmatics and allergic to dogs had no problem with the dog. I called the breeder and my doctor to find out why. I was told that shih tzu have hair not fur also the main reason is that they have no "dander" and that is what we (allergic dog people) have the problem with. We kept the dog and bought another one for my friend now we have 3 shih tzus. One is a rescue and he bothers us some the vet said because with rescuses you can't ever tell if they are true pure breeds or not. (best go to a breeder) We keep away from the salavia and other bodily fluids because that can still cause problems for us if we come in contact if they lick us and then we would touch our face it would be bad so we wash if we get licked or doggie kisses. I've tried all dogs, poodles, hairless, they all have the dander. p.s. they have hair so they must get washed every 7 to 10 days. (I think it helps for the allergies too) their skin doesn't dry out cause they have skin more like ours hence no dander problem. cloud star is a shampoo that works well on them that is what we use and now my groomer uses it on all the shih tzus she gets in too.

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Ann   Allentown, PA

11/13/2008 9:39:16 AM

I think the president should get a second generation labradoodle. My family rescued such a dog and she is fabulous. She does not shed, is very smart, and extremely gentle. She has soulful eyes that seem to indicate she feels your feelings.

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brymarp   bound brook, NJ

11/9/2008 6:19:31 PM

they should considered the peruvian chinesse dog.Easy to clean do not have bugs ,do not have hair and dont smell like dogs also cure inflammatory illnesses as asthma arthritis rheumatism.these Peruvian canine dog are the only ones in sudamerica.

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julie   wayland, MI

11/8/2008 9:55:33 AM

Hi Mr President
I have a little dog that would be perfect for your cute little girls. It's a shi-poo. shitztu & toy poodle mix. Small enough, good w/ kids, very social, very very smart and best of all hypo-allergetic

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Holly   Grand Junction, CO

11/8/2008 8:06:17 AM

My husband and son are allergic to dogs also and we researched hypo-allergenic dogs on the internet. There are actually quite a few, too many to name, but if you look up hypo-allergenic dogs you will get a very long list. There is a website and you can search it by breeds and they tell you which shelters have that particular dog. Mr. Obama's family should check these sites out. We looked for months and luckily we got a Llaso Apso/Poodle mix at our local animal shelter, so they do have hypo-allergenic dogs at the shelters too especially in Chicago, being such a huge city. They should be able to find one there. I hope this helps.

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Kristin   E Taunton, MA

11/8/2008 3:36:34 AM

I found the Golden Doodle... I can not say enough. absolutely the best dog I have ever been with. I get stopped by people on the steet to take pictures and he is very very smart and trainable. At 11 weeks he sits- paw-lays-stays- and don't touch!!!!!!!! It takes two days to train new commands...amazing and so cuddley!!!!!
His demeanor is calm and respectful- amazing
Hypo-allergenic- no fur flying anywhere!!!

Doods rock!

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Jacques   Montreal Canada, QC

11/7/2008 4:26:29 PM

Seems you are forgetting a good hypo allergenic breed - the Bernese mountain dog - it is extensively used as a seeing eye dog for visually impaired people with dog allergies and it is a good size dog

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