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Elaine   Curve lake, International

8/10/2015 4:25:40 PM

I have a Boston terrier French bulldog female who is 2 years old. She got stuck with a Scottish terrier on the 9th of July and then on the 11th a really old lab got her but he only had her for maybe 10 minutes. Her heat/bleeding started around the 30th of
I'm scared if she will die, or if its the lab puppies if it will kill her. He I think would be due on the 11th of September for the Scottish and 13th for the lab he wa really old thou so I'm not sure.. How can I tell what breed they are and if she will be okay to carry them. I not how much would I be looking at for an abortion or c section

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kelly   shelby, North Carolina

6/19/2015 1:07:04 AM

my dog has been in labor for almost two hours, she is restless and pushing occassionally.she is a yorkie.

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Eileen Smith   Apple Valley, California

12/17/2014 5:57:58 PM

My Great Dane Bonnie delivered 5 healthy puppies right on sched-le of her due date, I thought all was well, as she was eating and tending to the puppies without incident, but two days after the whelping, I noticed Bonnie having strong contractions. Concerned and confused I called the vet who advised me that it was possible she was trying to pass afterbirth. But hours later, after giving her calcium in the form of cottage cheese, sadly she gave birth to a sixth stillborn puppy. I'm not sure how common this is, but it could have definetly been a terrible outcome for not only ALL the puppies, but for Bonnie too. I highly suggest having x-rays done to be sure of how many puppies there are, and any possible complications.

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rayanna   canadian, TX

8/2/2009 2:52:24 PM

good information

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Rochelle   Hessmer, LA

3/5/2009 5:26:38 PM

very informative! I need to know if it is normal for my dam to have a dicharge, two weeks after a C-Section?


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