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Fred   Seattle, WA

11/11/2008 5:01:04 PM

Has it occurred to anyone on the American side of the pond that possibly the criticism about lack of concern for breed health is valid, and that the way to deal with it is to begin to take a real interest in breed health? Don't say this is a low blow. I can tell you from extensive personal experience that the AKC isn't even good at pretending to be concerned. And the hidden truth is that AKC is hostile to responsible attempts from within breed clubs to address health issues. Where do AKC execs come from? They come from breed clubs, and they are the ones who succeeded there by consolidating political power and not letting the idealistic "upstarts" interested in health rock the

Bo mentions "safeguarding" health. The mindset that all we need to do is protect something we have is part of what got us where we are. We must be pro-active, not just

The lady who "blew the whistle" on hiding SM in Cavaliers was expelled from the British Cavalier Club for betraying a confidence. Are things different in America? I can tell you they are worse. The AKC is far behind where the KC was before they were blasted by the documentary. In fact, the production of the documentary was seen favorably at the KC and they cooperated because they thought it would show the progress they felt they had made. And what progress has the AKC

Who knows, if AKC had a real interest in breed health, then it might be more difficult to make the argument that mongrels are healthier (as the documentary does). The real reason for decline in registration revenue is that pet owners have figured out that registration doesn't really mean very

BTW, Jemima Harrison, the documentary producer, has already announced that she is working on a sequel to the documentary, with the support of BBC, and that the sequel will be international in nature. She even made a comment that the AKC should be better prepared than the KC. However I suspect the powers at AKC have not yet learned to read the writing on the wall.

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