Comments on Canine Cancer Takes Center Stage

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Gena   Williamsport, PA

11/5/2008 7:54:08 PM

Yes, we should be aware of cancer in our animals. It is not always easy to diagnose. My 13 year old beagle has two areas of cancer. Neither one was found with routine blood work. She has a mass near her spleen which was found during Xrays for bladder stones by her previous vet. She had no other symptoms. She also has cancer on her leg bone. She was limping on this leg. After two months of no help for this with her vet, we went to a different vet who xrayed the leg. I now give her medicine for her leg. Neither vet recommended surgery for the mass. It was a difficult time, but for now she is doing really well.

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lk   n haven, CT

11/4/2008 8:53:42 PM

good article

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

11/4/2008 6:41:56 PM

I always worry that my dog will get cancer some day. She has lots of the signs but I think it's just age.

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Mary   Battle Creek, MI

11/4/2008 12:38:25 PM

Hope it works out well!

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Mason   Arrat, VA

11/4/2008 11:35:47 AM

i lost my dog to lymphoma cancer in 2005. He was only 5 years old. I miss him so much and think about him often. I hope one day there is a cure; it's not fair how great dogs are having to die in such a painful way


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A.K   Elmwood Park, NJ

11/4/2008 11:25:13 AM

This article was very informative. Another thing that can cause cancer in pets is drinking unpurified tap water. So, I give my pets spring water.

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stacy   Bel Air, MD

11/4/2008 10:24:29 AM

This is some really good info, and people need to be made aware of the signs and what to look for.

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Della   Madison Heights, VA

11/4/2008 9:38:51 AM

Cancer awareness for pet owners is really important. Never new 1 in 4 could have it.

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