Comments on Program Aims to Help Dogs, Owners Stay Fit

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Kenneth   Austin, TX

3/15/2009 8:06:44 PM

Um... excuse me??? Even though this is a GREAT idea, who is Iams to be telling us to be taking care of our pets? First of all, Iams does VERY CRUEL AND INVASIVE tests on dogs and cats. Visit for more info. They actually KILL dogs in their experiments. Also, Iams pet foods are very unhealthy for pets. Iams foods are filled with fillers, corn, dyes, etc and are not good for your dogs at all. Good idea that they have though. But, PLEASE BOYCOTT IAMS!

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sk   wallingford, CT

3/15/2009 7:14:00 PM


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madie   greensboro, NC

3/15/2009 4:47:48 PM

great ideas

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S   3 Oaks, MI

3/15/2009 1:01:23 PM

Of course it's great for both of you to walk a lot!

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katie   taylor, MI

3/15/2009 11:25:00 AM

I love walking my dogs and cats love to be walked in their strollers to


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Michele   Freeport, IL

3/15/2009 10:21:42 AM

I will be sure to check this out

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

3/14/2009 11:14:22 PM

Mutually beneficial.

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Nicole   somewhere in, AZ

3/14/2009 5:36:32 PM

I love walking with my dogs. I go out all the time and we have a blast.

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Moonlight   Henrico, VA

3/14/2009 11:39:55 AM

Great program

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Liza   Grand Bay-Westfield, NB

3/14/2009 11:21:01 AM

I love walking my dog with my friends and their dogs. We hit the trails and you don't even realize you're exercising.


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Jenn   Wheaton, IL

3/14/2009 11:14:55 AM

GREAT program!!!

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julie   lewiston, ME

3/14/2009 9:12:02 AM

what an awesome program for both.

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Donna   Limington, ME

3/14/2009 9:02:47 AM

What a great thing to do, we walk our dogs, but I am going to try to get our neighbors to plan dog walks!

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D   Indy, IN

3/14/2009 7:20:38 AM

My husband HATES walking.

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Anna   Maple Grove, MN

3/14/2009 7:14:01 AM

Good article! Exercise is great for both pet and owner... it's a free way to spend time bonding, good for your health, makes for a happier, calmer, more well behaved dog, and it's fun!

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sally   las vegas, NV

3/14/2009 6:14:25 AM

We could all use a little more exercise.

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