Comments on Bringing Home a Papillon

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Daniel   Merrimack, New Hampshire

2/6/2014 3:27:48 PM

Is there any negative comments on Papillions?? help me decide??

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mili   willis, Texas

9/8/2013 7:38:13 AM

I have a papillon mix that I rescued and she is so sweet,but very independent she is black with white she is so much fun,always ready to play

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Sandy   Manchester, New Hampshire

4/21/2013 6:48:14 AM

I currently have two male Papillons and a female Chihuahua, and they all get along just fine. The activity level of the two breeds is quite obvious when they're playing in the back yard, though: the Papillons are running around, chasing a ball, etc., while the Chihuahua is sunning herself on the walkway :-)

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ChiMomX2   Lexington, NC

1/12/2013 12:44:20 AM

I have 2 Chihuahuas and am considering adding another pooch to my pack of fur-babies how would a Papion get along with another breed of dog? Some breeds do not tolerate breed mixing well. I had this experience with a Maltese once & had to find her a new not wish to repeat this heartbreak again.

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Buster   Tyler, Texas

11/20/2012 9:11:29 PM

I got my first papillon when "Jingles" was five, and a retired champion. He will be 13 on Christmas, and has been a delight.. as smart and lovable as one could ever have for a pet. He is also one of the smartest dogs I have ever had and does tricks for a treat. We notice practically no shedding, and is a pleasure to take him anywhere we go. Riley's Papillon from Dallas is where we got him almost eight years ago.


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