Comments on Oregon Bill Regulates Dog Breeders, Pet Stores

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Zeke   Portland, OR

2/15/2010 3:14:37 PM

This is merely the first step in banning pets and livestock completely. You think they are regulating other people, but as they systematically reduce the numbers that trigger the various regulations they will eventually be regulating you. If you support them you are willing victims of their overall

"We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding. . One generation and out. We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding." Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of Humane Society of the US, formerly of Friends of Animals and Fund for

"My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture." JP Goodwin, employed at the Humane Society of the US, formerly at Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade, as quoted on AR-Views, an animal rights Internet discussion group in 1996.

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, CA

7/30/2009 10:42:18 PM

I'm of two minds with this. California wants to ban all intact dogs.

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Shelley   Bakersfield, CA

7/30/2009 7:36:50 PM

Calif. is working on this also!! I hope it becomes law here!!!!

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Jenn   Wheaton, IL

7/30/2009 12:15:29 PM

Me too!

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Bertha   Schenevus, NY

7/30/2009 9:29:39 AM

I'm glad that at least one state is taking a step in the right direction.


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JamieLyn   Howell, NJ

7/30/2009 8:23:11 AM

It is heartbreaking to see the way some breeders keep their dogs. Many of the "puppy mills" give good breeders bad names.

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D   Indy, IN

7/30/2009 6:10:08 AM


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