Comments on Dogfighting Tip Line Launches in Los Angeles

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monica   fortson, GA

11/21/2009 6:02:47 AM

people who did that to a dog should be arested because animals have feeelings just like we do so anyone who mistreates a feeling animals they should get the punnishment. because i have had so many dogs in my life and i cry when someone beets and herts that or any animal in this world.

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agnes Salamone   chicago, IL

11/19/2009 8:15:48 AM

I hate the idea of dog fights. There has to be something we can do to stop this. I think they could if they wanted to,some higher people are involved and are making money. Breeders should be registered on the litters they produce.,and WHO they sell to.

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sk   nh, CT

11/18/2009 11:23:46 PM


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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

11/18/2009 11:14:36 PM

Good idea.

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lala   salinas, CA

11/18/2009 8:05:07 PM

This is a great idea I am so sick of hear storys of how these dogs are treated and banned and labeled,makes me happy to read there is many people who care for these amazing beautiful powerful breed


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J.T.   Phoenix, AZ

11/18/2009 5:29:22 PM

I hope this will be successful. Dogfighting is a horrendous crime, and anyone involved in it should be put in a "pit" and let one of these dogs have the pleasure of helping that person see how much fun it is to be attacked by one of these pit

Anyone caught being involved in dog fighting deserves more than being charged with a felony. And my guess is that most of them don't even get charged with that!

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S   Three Oaks, MI

11/18/2009 3:50:35 PM

I think the people caught dogfighting or participating should get stiffer penalties!! The tip line is a really good idea.

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leah&lucy   Springfield, MO

11/18/2009 3:06:43 PM

i think it's a great idea! but also how will

most people know wether theres gonna be a fight unless there in it!

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Hannah   Augusta, GA

11/18/2009 10:45:28 AM

This tip line is great! I have 2 pitbulls of my own and reading articles and seeing fights on the news is horrific! I believe this will help a lot of animal's lives and punish the ones that put them in harms way!

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Sally   Lincoln, NE

11/18/2009 9:40:16 AM

This is so retarded


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Tommy   pocatello, ID

11/18/2009 8:33:08 AM

this may save alot of dogs.

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s.   t, AZ

11/18/2009 8:00:42 AM

this is great. hope this encourages people to come forward and report these awful people being cruel to animals. but, i think 3yrs. is not enough jail time.

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Ron   NY, NY

11/18/2009 1:10:11 AM

It is
People For The Ethical Treatment Of Pit

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