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Cynthia   Nashville, TN

5/6/2012 11:54:48 PM

I have a Papillon that is so afraid of other people he is really attached to me no one else he will let my Husband only do certain things with him, he will not let anyone take him outside to use the bathroom but me, my Husband has tried to take him out and he does nothing he will sit in the grass or lead him back to the door, i got him from a breeder and she has lots of Papillons, i had a Papillon who was so happy and did not fear people or anything and he was killed by pit bull when my Husband took him out, he had him on a leash ant the dog just attacked him and he died, i was grieving so bad over him that i decided to get me another Papillon, and this one is in so much fear and i don't know what to do, he is really nervous, i would like to do something to help him over come his fear. Do you have any suggestions, i am really worried about this Papillon?

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