Comments on Dog College: Level 1 Class Schedule

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paul - 7067   germantown, WI

1/30/2014 8:24:51 AM

buy NDU

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paul - 7067   germantown, WI

1/26/2014 8:20:38 AM

start up again

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BusyMama   Tampa, FL

7/28/2013 4:28:51 AM

Would love to start classes. How do I begin ?

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John Bain   Gainesville, FL

9/22/2012 9:12:50 AM

Completed Session 100 Semesters 1 & 2, but no scores show. My NDU score are listed in "My Progress", but where do I access my DC scores?

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LaurenM   Somewhere, GA

8/29/2012 7:36:17 AM

Yay, finished all of them :)


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Sarah   Port Charlotte, FL

6/4/2012 9:37:14 AM

I didn't realize Classes were in session, I'm behind do I play catch up and still get my points or start were class is?

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rachael   pinkerton, NH

5/1/2012 8:08:14 AM

Glad to see people taking an avid interest in learning about & understanding their 4-legged friends!

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Richard   Fort Worth, TX

3/16/2012 12:12:41 AM

Good info., will be helpful with my pet and others

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Kiley Rae   Omaha, NE

2/27/2012 5:48:29 PM

Lots of good information here - waiting for 500 level dog classes!

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brett   contableville, NY

2/9/2012 8:31:04 AM

i have finished all of the semestors


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Sarah   Dover, DE

12/29/2011 4:22:18 PM

To see if you've already done a quiz, go to "My Account." Near the bottom right, between "My Quiz Stats" and the link to, there is a section called "Dog College." Click on "My Progress Report". If you have 0 points for a quiz, you have yet to do that one!

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?   ?, MI

12/17/2011 12:10:23 PM

How do you know if you have already done a quiz and passed it?

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Liv   Chicago, IL

11/9/2011 4:49:39 PM

I love dog college! And now i'm on to Level 2 classes! I expeshially liked the health science and enviromental science classes!

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kate   bl, WI

8/14/2011 8:25:28 AM

oops typo sorry

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kate   BL, WI

8/14/2011 8:24:12 AM

I love the second course very in a way cool lol i totaly recamend it

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margaret   wichita, KS

8/5/2011 1:53:08 PM

level one very interesting and educational cant wait to cont. forward

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Jenna   Jacksonville, AR

6/28/2011 3:44:27 PM

Amazing!I've never done something more amazing in my life!

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katherine   atlanta, GA

6/27/2011 12:24:48 PM

i luv it so much that i would go crazy to see more

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melissa   cheektowaga, NY

6/20/2011 11:56:03 AM

This was very informative and enjoyable. I have recommended this to several friends. Can't wait to get started on the next session.

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Gayle   Winston Salem, NC

6/18/2011 10:01:42 AM

Just finished Session 100 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned ALOT about dogs, invaluable information in my opinion.

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