Comments on Do You Have a Special-Needs Dog?

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Beccie   Rantoul, IL

6/28/2010 7:33:53 PM

My Abbie was born blind. Traveling with her is scary & confusing for her & kenneling would be just as scary & confusing. I have the good luck to have a wonderful girl who looks after her in my home when I have to travel. The first time I was very nervous leaving her but now I don't worry.

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Margarita   Wa, WA

6/27/2010 4:48:26 PM

great information, but can not leave a special dog need behind. thank you

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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

6/27/2010 7:33:05 AM

Thanks for the info!

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karen   little rock, AR

6/27/2010 6:30:43 AM

These are wonderful dogs!

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

6/25/2010 11:27:23 PM

I could never leave my special needs dog in the care of a stranger. I would worry the whole time.


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Tommy   Pocatello, ID

6/25/2010 7:27:11 AM

great atricle

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Melissa   Farmington, NM

6/25/2010 7:11:04 AM

Special Needs dogs are wonderful. They make the best pets and are worth the little bit of extra work they require!

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Terry   Houston, TX

6/25/2010 1:36:54 AM

Thanks for the info! :)

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