Comments on Canine Brucellosis: Disease on the Rise?

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singh1980   Missouri city, TX

2/6/2013 9:16:00 AM

We had three dogs who are all rescue (spayed and neutered already): Chloe Blevin and Simba. Chloe and Blevin were the same litter. Last year Chloe was diagnosed with brucellosis using screening and then AGID (culture) test. She has back pain which really made us test. It was the most devastating day of my life. With kids and planning to have more we had no option but to euthanize. Now Blevin has been diagnosed and I am just so angry. I wish that all people tested their dogs for this terrible disease. Loosing dogs one after another is a loss I cannot even explain. I just wanted to write this so that others can educate and inform other dogs owners/rescuers. We would have never known this disease/death sentence existed if Chloe never had her back pain ;(.

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