Comments on California Spay-Neuter Bill Updates

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Candida Lisa Moon   Acton, CA

6/23/2008 4:16:27 AM

The revised bill is terrible, it will allow any animals rights activist to persecute pet owners at will, they only need lodge a complaint, it needn't even be true. This bill is completely unconstitutional and effectively renders pet owners second class citizens with less rights than everyone else

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MJ   Nescopeck, PA

7/10/2007 2:59:06 PM

The spay-neuter bill is just one more attempt by the animal rights--yeah, right!--folks to rob us of one more freedom. Operations on my dogs are for me and my vet to decide, not the government. They, the gov., wants to take our bucks and get in our doors as well. It will also NOT solve the problem (which is exagerated by returns to shelters being counted twice and other statistical manipulations), will cost a fortune and require higher taxes to support the neighbor-against-neighbor reporting that will follow. It is as stupid as breed-specific legislation.

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Cyndi   Klamath Falls, OR

7/6/2007 2:26:57 PM

I think this bill is very wrong. If passed only people who have money will be able to breed their dogs. The prices of AKC Reg. dogs will skyrocket in California. This will give the goverment too much control.

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