Comments on Training the Beagle Puppy

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Shaina   Arizona, Arizona

3/17/2015 2:09:08 PM

Oh our puppy is a little horror! We brought her at ten weeks, and she is sooo naughty! She runs the opposite way when called! If there is any advice about getting her to listen would be good :) She is very sweet though lol when she feels like it ;)

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mario   wichita, KS

2/7/2010 9:43:46 AM

oh our beagle has us trained well. lol.

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Emma   Reading, PA

1/9/2010 5:04:05 PM

Beagle puppies try to get there cuteness to over run you so do not let that happen!

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amanda   goodells, MI

11/9/2009 1:29:56 PM

Wiht my female beagle she is only 9 weeks old.We had trained her and she knows the sit,down,shake and stay command.We had went to the vet a little before this time and he said that it was to early to start training her so i guess it depends on how the dog interacts with you and when you want to start training.

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