Comments on Westminster and The Puppy Bowl

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

2/22/2012 2:28:09 PM

Great article. I love pure bred dogs. I love mutts. I love DOGS! I think the shows are great for perfecting the breeds out there. And mutts are fun to have around to show the variety that dogs can produce. I'm pro breeding as long as it's responsible. And that goes for pure breds as well as

My first dog was the love of my life. She was a mix. My second dog is now an ancient pure bred from a top show line. I love her

The world wouldn't the same without all the different dogs. And who knows when the next mutt starts a new breed? Most of our "pure bred" dogs started out as mixes.

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Aly   Hollister, CA

2/19/2012 12:56:36 AM

I <3 mutts too

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Diane   Warrington, PA

2/17/2012 6:33:13 AM

I like both shows for different reasons. The puppies are really cute on the Puppy Bowl which is a family favorite each year! As for the Westminster Dog Show my only wish is they would show more of the Spitz dogs. Love American Eskimo, Keeshonds, Huskys, Malamutes etc. They never seem to win best in show that I have seen. These dogs are beautiful. As for pure breed vs mix I have only owned mix breed dogs and just love them! They have wonderful temperaments and they are beautiful dogs. So far I have had Beagle/Springer Spaniel mix (rescued as a pup at 3 mo) and two American Eskimo/Sheltie mixes. These dogs are all healthy and very happy pups. They are the light in my morning each day.

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Fran   Stabhope, NJ

2/17/2012 6:09:50 AM

I love both shows for what they are. Westminister belongs to the purebred dogs-it's their time to sparkle.

The puppy bowl is endless love on four paws- there's nothing better and so entertaining for those hours.

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Wendy   Wilton Manors, FL

2/17/2012 3:46:27 AM

Hi Nikki, remember you from S.Florida Bird Club, way back when! Hope you 're well. wendy


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Anne   Normal, IL

2/16/2012 5:16:22 PM

Having shown dogs for thirty years, I lovfe dog shows. Now, however, I own a shelter dog only. People who are against breeding purebred dogs have evidently never known a show dog breeder. These people put their hearts and souls into breeding the best, healthiest dogs possible, and love every minute they spend with their dogs. They have very high standards for placing their puppies, and very few of them will end up in shelters. Show breeders seldom make money on their litters after all their expenses are accounted for.

I agree that people who don't care what kind of dog they get should go to a shelter. I did. But if you want a beautiful specimen of a purebred dog which is bred for beauty, health and temperament but from a GOOD breeder.

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alicia   hollister, CA

2/14/2012 3:27:34 AM

Good pro show points

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