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Diane   claremont, New Hampshire

1/11/2016 10:22:38 AM

The article first says dogs are technically livestock and then goes on to chastise breeders for using scientific methods of breeding (things like frozen or chilled semen, progesterone testing, ultrasound, etc.. come to
Well livestock- cattle, horses, etc.. have been using frozen and chilled semen FAR longer than dog breeders and cattle and horse breeders are even ahead of dog breeders in that they freeze embryos and implant them in surrogate dams for gestation and birthing. (in dogs this is difficult because the bitchs repro cycle is very different than
using science to improve reproduction is not a danger it is a help. Yes it CAN be abused- studs used with zero sex drive or impaired fertility, studs over used...and so on, but then again studs can be overused indiscriminately with live breedings, females can be bred too often and to the wrong stud using only old school methods

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LisaB   Co.Wexford,

3/2/2013 9:50:59 AM

And what if the bitch retained an afterbirth?While it is better not to interfere with a whelping it is flat irresponsible to not keep an eye on the proceedings so if something DOES go wrong the owner can do something about it.Or is the regard for 'nature' so high that the bitch and her pups should die for lack of attention?

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Shirley   east rutherford, NJ

5/28/2012 10:48:16 AM

I think this is a very good article and much is true ,I also feel that we have interrupted to much in the dogs natural way she and he should be having puppies how and where it is done . The stress of a bitch who is hvaing problems whelping alos has the owner stressed out and I feel it makes the bitch even worse and sometimes stops her from progressing , they did this in the wild years before and I always felt a bitch who could not whelp a litter on her own was not worth breeding ,because it is true we will jsut keep passing these traits on down road to continute

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