Comments on What Do Collie Owners Say About Their Dogs?

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Kerhavencollies   Regina, SK

1/2/2013 6:19:19 PM

What has been written is truthful. I have had collies for over 40 years. They are great dogs and wonderful family companions. Both the rough and the smooth coated Variety make excellent companions. They are the same breed only real difference is the coat..smooths have short easy care coats for the family "on the go" that likes hiking, camping, jogging etc..but doesn't want to spend a lot of time grooming the dog or cleaning up a muddy coat etc. The rough is ideal as a companion but does require more regular coat care ..they should be groomed at least once a week or so. They are easy to raise, train and live with. They are easy going, gentle , intelligent dogs that get on well with people and other animals. They are very good with children. They have very few health problems when purchased from a Breeder who breeds for health, vitality, and intelligence. BUY from an established breeder and find one who does to health checks on their breeding animals. But this is simply good sense when buying ANY breed of dog.

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