Comments on Petco Aids Dog Victims in California Fires

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Mary   Battle Creek, MI

10/24/2007 3:01:08 PM

That's cool!

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sarah   chicago, IL

10/24/2007 1:57:23 PM

Awwww...that is such a nice thing for petco to do for those dogs! it's good to have people like that around these days.

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Tiffany   Phoenix, AZ

10/24/2007 9:57:04 AM

Way to go
I am so glad to hear that A company I shop at and work for did not hesitate to help out our brothers and sisters in Cali. I hope to see that they are able to set up a relief fund.I know I'll be putting money into that too. Support Petco to help Support those in need!!

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Bailey & Mom   Westbury, NY

10/24/2007 8:49:22 AM

Great job Petco! It's so wonderful to see a big company rush out to help those who need it and deal with the financial end of it later. It will make me shop at their stores more often!

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Cheril   Amarillo, TX

10/24/2007 7:29:11 AM

Keep us posted! We're finally getting a Petco here next year, and after learning how much they have helped the fire victims and their "best friends" in California, I can't wait 'til it opens so I can patronize them here in Amarillo! Thanks for the info!


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