For Your Boston Terrier

Our user-friendly nutrition guide will help your Boston maintain optimum health through better nutrition.


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Judging how a particular diet agrees or disagrees with your Boston consists of observing:

 Coat and skin quality: nice shine, no dandruff or itching.

 Stools should be firm, and not too bulky or frequent.

 Body condition (muscle to fat ratio) They should have a definite waist, and you should be able to feel each rib, without seeing ribs sticking out, says Dr. Graves.

 Good general health: Bostons are a hardy breed and should have good natural resistance to disease, says Stoyanov.

Katbirds Kissin Clown, CD, OA, OAJ, a 10-year-old Record of Merit (ROM) dam owned by Dr. Graves, began her performance career at 7 years of age, and still helps Dr. Graves move sheep on the family farm. She's a good example of how proper nutrition and exercise will keep a Boston going strong, well into their golden years, Dr. Graves says. Is a herding title next on the agenda? I'm very disappointed that Bostons aren't allowed to compete in herding events, says Dr. Graves. I keep thinking Ill send a video of her working the sheep, and [the AKC] will change its mind!

Making wise nutritional choices for your Boston isn't rocket science, says Stoyanov, but it carries responsibility: You are the one that does the shopping, and you have the hands that reach into the cupboard every day for their food, says Stoyanov. You directly control what goes into your dogs body.

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janet   Bethlehem, PA

4/20/2012 2:49:16 AM

good article thanks

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Bob   Yukon, OK

8/30/2010 4:20:22 PM

This was a very good article. I am searching for help. I have a 5 year old Boston that has just recently had 3 epileptic(sp) fits,and I am terified. I don't know if I am feeding him right or not. I think I may have caused him to react that way. I don't know. Thanks for the info.

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