Feeding Bully Breeds

Keep your bully dog in top-notch shape with these expert tips on grooming and nutrition.


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Feeding a raw diet, also referred to as a biologically appropriate diet or a BARF (bones and raw food) diet, takes commitment and research on the owners part. A haphazard approach can definitely cause more damage than good. Vitamin, mineral or other nutritional imbalances can result in organ malfunction, a weakened immune system, skeletal malformations: the exact difficulties an owner is trying to avoid by feeding a raw diet.

Books on the subject are available in your local bookstores and health food stores. Internet sites and chat rooms also can offer valuable sources of information, but be sure to carefully assess information found in these places. If you're interested in feeding a raw diet, extensive study can help you form an educated opinion, thus ensuring you are able to achieve what you set out to do: provide your dog with a diet that allows it to extract the nutrients it needs to attain the health only nature can provide. Be sure to follow a veterinarian-approved recipe or work with a veterinary nutritionist to build a healthy, customized diet.

A Bully Boost
Look on the shelves of any pet-supply store, and you will find an absolute plethora of canine supplements. Supplements can be beneficial in boosting your bullys immune system, but be careful not to feed them in excess. Oversupplementation can be fully as harmful as vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The safest supplemental course is giving your dog a commercial multi-vitamin-and-mineral formula combined with a fatty acid supplement. The former provides your dog with nutrients that it might need in greater quantity than is supplied by its diet. Fatty acids, in addition to maintaining skin and coat health, play an essential role in the functioning of the immune system. This simple supplementation program can be a significant boost to your bully breeds well-being. Consult your veterinarian before adding any supplements to your dogs diet. Each dog has its own requirements and reacts differently, so your dog may need a unique blend of supplements.

Bully Breeds and Bloat
Any large, deep-chested breed of dog is subject to a malady referred to as bloat or torsion. When bloat occurs, the stomach swells up with liquid and gas that the dog cannot expel naturally. Torsion, the twisting of the stomach on its axis, cuts off the blood supply to the stomach and other organs due to the tremendous internal pressure. According to Adam Ballard, D.V.M., of Annehurst Veterinary Hospital and current manager of Custom Veterinary Care, both in Westerville, Ohio, once torsion develops, accurate diagnosis followed by prompt veterinary care is essential for the survival of the patient.

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