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Howlabaloo Dog Park

11290 Lay Road
Edinboro, PA 16412

Avg. Rating 4.3 out of 5 Reviews (4)

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Location: Howlabaloo Dog Park
Phone: 814-734-1161
Alternative Phone:
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Fenced? Yes

Park Reviews

Review 1 out of 4

Megan - Erie, PA
Rating: 3


This park was very nice and lots of fun, but unfortunatly they closed a couple years ago.

Review 2 out of 4

Becky - Meadville, PA
Rating: 5


I travel to Edinboro just for the park any chance I get! Love the staff and the park itself is a dogs dream come true. I can imagine my furry friend when he is sleeping and his legs are flying he is running the "Ree-Raw"

Review 3 out of 4

Diane - Edinboro, PA
Rating: 5


This has to be the best dog park in the world. My Kerry Blue Terrier and I come here everyday regardless of the weather. If it is too cold outside we work indoors. Part of the reason my dog earned her therapy dog certification is the good advice from the staff at the park. It is a freindly place where "everybody knows your name" and your dog's. Love this place

Review 4 out of 4

Quanique - Nashville, TN
Rating: 4


This park has great views of nature. It also looks real spacey.

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