The Simple Truths

Sidebar: The Simple Truths


While the short list of what dogs do is not complete, it would be unfair to end without mentioning the aspects of canine behavior we do understand.

1. Dogs sleep as often as possible.

2. Dogs charge ferociously at the door whenever your house is attacked by Girl Scouts, newspaper and letter carriers or meter readers.

3. Dogs hang around people who give them treats.

4. Dogs eat anything that was once living and many things that are plainly inedible.

5. Dogs get bored without regular mental stimulation.

6. Dogs do not like to be confined away from those they love.

7. Dogs curl up by your feet.

8. Dogs kiss when given the opportunity.

9. Dogs fetch balls until we are exhausted of playing fetch.

10. Dogs give us the opportunity to display all that is good in human beings - compassion, empathy, charity, humor, strength, responsibility and, most of all, love.


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