What Do Dogs Do All Day?

Owners' videotapes reveal the secret lives of dogs.

By | Posted: Fri Jun 22 00:00:00 PDT 2001

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Mueller set up the camera twice to catch Yeshe's activities in the bedroom and the kitchen. Here's how the tape played out:

Day One: The Bedroom
Noon - Mueller places a bone on the bed, says good-bye and leaves.

12:01 p.m. - Yeshe jumps on the bed, finds the bone, buries it under the comforter, then roots through the bedding. Is she trying to find it again, or is she looking for more treats? Suddenly, she jumps off the bed and disappears.

12:05 - And she's back, up on the bed for more rooting. Victory! She found a doughnut-shaped rawhide toy. A long chewing session ensues.

12:20 - Oops! An itch! Ahhh. Time for more digging, then it' s off the bed and out of the picture again.

1:30 - What has she been doing for the past 70 minutes? Something in the kitchen, apparently. We'll find out tomorrow.

1:45 - Time to survey the bedroom floor. First a tongue bath on the carpet, then a peek under the bed.

2:00 - And it's back to the bed because those covers just haven't been properly rearranged yet. And who knows what other treats might be hidden there!

Day Two: The Kitchen
Noon - Time for a trip around the kitchen to make sure everything is in order, sniffing each object, whether toy or furniture leg. Yep, everything's okay. Off to the bedroom and out of view.

12:03 p.m. -  She's back. Now it's off to the rug by the back door, where Mueller hid a biscuit. Yeshe knows the biscuit is there. It's always there. But she digs around, bunching up the rug without uncovering the treat.

12:06 - Yeshe's stuffed cow needs some attention. She chews it for awhile, then uses it as a comfy pillow.

12:15 - Up for a drink of water. Keeping track of all these toys and treats is hard work! Then back to the rug for another snooze. Yeshe rests her head right over the place where the treat is hidden but doesn't uncover it. This dog knows how to make a good thing last!

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