What Do Dogs Do All Day?

Owners' videotapes reveal the secret lives of dogs.

By | Posted: Fri Jun 22 00:00:00 PDT 2001

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12:30 - Still snoozin'.

1:00 - Still dozin'.

1:15 - Now we know what she was doing in the kitchen yesterday!

1:30 - ZZZZZZ.

1:45 - Just watching her is enough to make a body mighty drowsy.

2:00 - She's up! She heads drowsily into the bedroom just as the tape runs out.

Yeshe is obviously a snoozer but spends plenty of time watching over the household and playing with her toys. As for that treat under the rug, according to Mueller, Yeshe savors its aroma all day long but won't actually indulge until Mueller returns home. After all, what good is a treat if you can't enjoy it with a friend?

The single life is a thing of the past for Poncho and Holly, two Maltese who live with the Rothermel/Sand family in LaCrosse, Wis. Poncho and Holly recentlyst arted a family of their own. The 3-week-old puppies make the already lively household of Laura, Ken and daughters Lauryn, 11, and Kyndra, 4, even more animated than it used to be. To Poncho and Holly, however, family life is family life, whether the humans are around or not: Holly guards the puppies, and Poncho guards the house.

"Poncho spends the whole day at the front window barking," Laura Sand said, laughing. "He barks at everything! I can't believe how much he barks. I could hardly watch the whole tape." We watched the tape, however, and here's what we saw and heard:

Noon - Poncho yaps characteristically as the Sand family leaves. Holly barely notices. She's eating lunch.

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