Family Dog

Back to School Blues

As kids head back to school, pets may need help adjusting to an empty household.

Ease Your Dog’s Back-to-School Blues

Help your dog become accustomed to less time with the kids.

Dogs and Children

Bringing home an appropriate canine playmate starts with doing your homework.

A Second Helping of Dog

Your current dog might not accept a new canine roommate without proper preparation.

Dog Love: What’s It All About?

A look at why we love our dogs so much.


Put Your Dog to Work for Your Social Life

Tips for determining what activities and social events may fit you and your dog best.

RVing With Dogs

Enjoy the comfort of home with your dog on an RV vacation.

5 Ways to Go Green With Your Dog

How you and your dog can live eco-friendly.

Empty Nest Blues

Help your dog cope when a family member heads off to school.

How to Create a Dog Disaster Kit

DogChannel shows you how to assemble a disaster kit for your dog.


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