Family Dog

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Heavy Duty!

Weight-pulling dogs compete in Oceanside, Calif.

Tips for Traveling on the Road with Your Dog

Follow these travel tips when bringing your four-legged friend into your four-wheel drive.

Dog Laws

What you need to know about four major legal issues affecting dog owners in America.

Building a Dog Agility Team

Sue Nettleton and her dogs went from couch potatoes to agility competitors.

Small but Mighty Agility Dogs

Although short in stature, diminutive agility dogs pack a punch.


Dogs as Man's Best Friends

Who is a good listener, stress reliever, and empty-nest filler all in one furry package? Your dog.

Spend Quality Time with Your Dog

5 simple ways to spend more quality time with your dog.

Is My Child Old Enough?

Fun, age-appropriate tasks for your child.

How I Got My Parents to Buy Me a Puppy

Parents must set limits, but amazing things happen when a child wants a puppy.


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