Dog Training

Training Your Dog Down

Teaching dogs "down" will keep your guests happy.

Training Your Dog to Stay

The "stay" command is essential to your dog's training.

Leash Training Your Dog

The next step in your dog's training program.

Training Your Dog to Sit

Teaching your dog to find a target and sit is the first step towards and obedient dog.

Training Overview: The Border Collie Puppy

Keep these Five tips to keep in mind when training the Border Collie puppy.


Training Commands for Dogs

The 4 dog training commands your dog should know.

Training Your Dog on the Fly

Seize everyday opportunities to train your dog.

Training Your Dog for Good Behavior

Can a stranger walk up to your dog and look at its teeth? All dogs at Westminster can, while most pet dogs cannot.

Make Dog Training Fun

When dog training is fun, you and your dog will both enjoy it more.

Your Hound Puppy

As a pup, your hound will have lots of energy, but he will mellow with age.


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