Allergies Can Cause Paw Chewing

Atopic dermatitis, or inhalant allergy, is similar to hay fever in humans except that the result is usually foot-chewing rather than respiratory signs.

By Michael Abdella, DVM | Posted: Tue Jun 20 00:00:00 PDT 2000

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Antihistamines may provide complete or at least adequate relief for many dogs, especially when used in combination with omega-3 fatty acid supplements. Each dog is different, so you may have to try several types and dosages to find the best one.

Food allergy also has to be considered because it can cause the same signs as atopy. Allergy can develop to any food, though protein sources are most often the problem. Hypothyroidism can also contribute to many allergic conditions.

Veterinary dermatologists are available to address non-responsive or complicated cases.

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