Ear Cropping and Tail Docking, Pros and Cons

DOG FANCY readers support alerting dog owners to ear cropping and tail docking risks.

By | Posted: Sat May 5 00:00:00 PDT 2001

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  • "Our Dobies have whipped us with their tails, but no matter. Of course, veterinarians should counsel owners about the pain. If owners aren't aware these procedures cause pain, they shouldn't even own dogs!"

  • "Many people think it doesn't hurt the dog and that is why they have it done."

  • "I'm thrilled that the AVMA has adopted this statement. I fail to understand why anyone would put their companions through unnecessary surgery for purely cosmetic reasons."

  • "I have an adopted Cocker Spaniel whose tail was docked before I took her in as an adult dog. I cannot imagine putting an animal through the pain and possible complications for cosmetic reasons. These dogs are not typically used for the purposes (hunting, for example) for which the practices of cropping and docking were originated, so why put these babies through such pain?"

  • "We humans can be so arrogant. We think we need to improve on God's work. I feel those dog owners and/or breeders who seek these mutilations should be charged with animal abuse."

  • "After being advised by our veterinarian, we allowed Penny, our 5-month-old Cocker Spaniel, to have her tail docked when she was spayed. Not only did she suffer pain and distress but also phantom pains. For more than a week she screamed and ran in circles while trying to find her missing limb. Penny would scream in pain every time she sat or accidentally bumped her new stub. I have since told everybody who will listen about our terrible experience and strongly counsel others not to do the same."

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