Honorary Dog of the Day: Baby Armadillo Named Rollie

There is a dog trapped inside this tiny armadillo, I just know it.

By | Posted: October 6, 2014, 10 a.m. PST

Okay, so it's not actually a dog, but this baby armadillo is just oozing with puppy-esque cuteness. When you think of this hard-shelled animal, one doesn't often picture them pouncing and rolling around with a toy. But Rollie, the armadillo is not going to stick to creature stereo-types so I am giving him the title of honorary dog. 

Congratulations Rollie, you just keep doing you. 

Yes, I know this is the DogChannel and while Rollie makes an excellent dog stand-in, it would be wrong of me to not at least show a dog at some point. So here is an adorable puppy playing, I won't make you a play a game of who's cuter. It's pretty obvious we've all come out of this winners.


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