Deck the Hounds

Dog accessories and jewels abound during the holiday season.


Courtesy of Havasmoak Designs

About the time the first leaves begin to fall and people change their closets over to their winter couture, the holiday jewelry resurfaces as well — holiday time is bling season. And this year, more so than ever before, dogs have something to howl about at the jewelry counter. Baubles for Buster aren’t just a novelty anymore. Any hound worthy of her Prada tote won’t be seen at a party without a neck full of ice.

“Rhinestones, crystals, sequins, glitter, feathers — are all must-have elements to make a perfect holiday statement,” says Sandy Park, chief executive officer of Monkey Daze Inc. “A simple, sophisticated statement with a strand of pearls or something super glam and over-the-top with genuine precious stones. Precious metals and stones are also popular elements.”

Cecile Kent, president of Cece Kent, agrees that your dog will want to sparkle this season. Black-tie hair bows and crystal-encrusted collars are popular for dressing up dogs during holiday festivities.

Silver bells and diamonds

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Among jetsetters, Santa charms and snowflake collars are so five minutes ago. It seems that most chic shoppers and their modish mutts would rather have a treasure than a trinket.

“The idea of holiday-themed dog accessories has changed quite a bit, as it has for their human counterparts,” Kent says. “Dog owners want elegant, tasteful, classic designs, reflecting their personal style during the holidays.”

The more bling the better this year, according to the president of Doggy Style Designs, Jeff Gellman, who also agrees that “holiday” doesn’t have to mean “theme.”

“If you were looking for a high-end gift, you would want your loved one to be able to wear it year-round, so when you spend real cash [on your pet], you want daily use on the jewelry,” he says. 

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Sophi Kati   noneya, SC

12/24/2008 12:11:56 PM

Nice... but some (rather, most) people CANT afford this, we are surfacing an economic crisis, dog fashion is on the list of the last things on the mind. Most people cant even afford to keep themselves in fashion.

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f   f, KY

3/19/2008 12:29:11 PM

no way, jose

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